Mountains I have climbed and remember.

Here is a overview of most mountains I have climbed Norsk tekst.

Mountain climbs, route descriptions and trip reports from all over the world, in particular Norwegian peaks, the Colorado Fourteeners, the Alps, even five of The Seven Summits (Aconcagua, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and Kosciuszko). There is extensive coverage of peaks from North-East Greenland, including many first ascents.

Most recent climbs:

     1. Cabeço Gordo 21/7 Azores.
     2. Morro do Castelo Branco 20/7 Azores.
     3. Capelinhos Volcan 20/7 Azores.
     4. Monte Carneiro 20/7 Azores.
     5. Cabeço Verde 19/7 Azores.
     6. Mount Boising 25/6 Finisterre Range HP, Papua, New Guinea.
     7. Sapsap 24/6 Finisterre, Papua, New Guinea.
     8. Dammastock 25/5 Furka, Switzerland.
     9. Reinskartinden 21/5 Reinøya, Troms.

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This mountain page uses a "primary factor" (in the US called "prominence") of 100 meter (in the US 300 feet) to rank a summit. Peaks with a smaller drop to its (higher) neighbor may be noted/described in the text, but do not qualify for a separate listing. A few exceptions exist, but they are always noted with a comment saying "No Rank" in this main list. The level of difficulty is normally given using the American (YDS) scale, see here for further explanation.

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A. Read (in Norwegian) about pioneering map surveying of Norwegian mountains.
B. The 100 most prominent mountains from many parts of the world.
C. Extensive information about mountains and mountaineering in East Greenland.
D. Read some trip reports that did not primarily climb a peak. (Note, this section is not yet complete.)
E. Mountains climbed sorted according to prominence (primary factor) down to 600 meter.
F. My "Fan-out" principle of prominence based climbing.

Copyright 1993-2014, Petter Bjørstad.
I appreciate that use of these data is acknowledged, including a link to my main mountain page.
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1Aconcagua6962 m.January 29. 2002Highest in the Southern and Western Hemisphere, highest in Argentina.
2Nevado Ojos del Salado6893 m.January 8. 2011Climbed both summits. Chile/Argentina.
3Chimborazo6268 m.December 17. 2008Highest in Ecuador.
4Denali6194 m.June 14. 2006Highest in North America.
5Cerro Vicuñas6090 m.January 10. 2011Chile.
6Mount Logan5959 m.June 3. 2009Highest in Canada.
7Cerros Cañapa5900 m.January 2. 2011Bolivia.
8Cotopaxi5897 m.December 14. 20082nd. highest in Ecuador.
9Kilimanjaro5895 m.October 1994Highest in Africa, highest in Tanzania.
10Tomasamil5853 m.January 4. 2011Bolivia.
11Cayambe5790 m.December 19. 20083rd. highest in Ecuador.
12Elbrus5642 m.August 5 and August 8, 2004Highest in "Europe", One of the 7 summits.
Russia HP, Caucasus HP.
13Citaltépetl5636 m.December 30 19783rd highest in North America, Mexico HP.
Also called Pico de Orizaba.
14Damavand5610 m.August 14. 2007Iran HP.
15Cerro Chorolque5570 m.December 31. 2010Bolivia.
16Popocatépetl5465 m.January 2 19792nd highest in Mexico.
17Ritacuba Blanco5410 m.January 12 2012Highest in Cordillera Oriental, Colombia.
18Concavo5173 m.January 14 2012El Cocuy National Park, Colombia.
19Catedral5295 m.January 31 2002Near Aconcagua.
20Ararat5137 m.August 9. 2007Turkey HP.
21Margherita Peak5109 m.January 4. 2010Uganda HP.
22Cerro Cunurana5071 m.December 30. 2010Bolivia.
23Bonete5060 m.January 27, 2002Near Aconcagua.
24Mount Blackburn4996 m.June 10, 2009Highest in Wrangell Mountains.
25Pico Bolivar4988 m.January 8, 2008Venezuela HP.
26Cotacachi4944 m.December 11. 2008No.11 in Ecuador.
27Pico Humboldt4925 m.January 6, 20082nd. highest in Venezuela.
28Mount Speke4890 m.January 2, 2010Rwenzori, Uganda.
29Mount Baker4844 m.January 5, 2010Rwenzori, Uganda.
30Mount Blanc4810 m.August 19, 1974Europe HP, Alp HP, France HP.
31Cerro Rico4791 m.December 29. 2010Bolivia.
32Pichincha4784 m.December 9. 2008No. 15 in Ecuador.
33Cerro Wila Chanca4701 m.December 28. 2010Bolivia.
*Mount Fairweather4671 m.May 23, 2011Highest in British Columbia, Canada. Did NOT summit.
34Dufourspitze4634 m.May 3, 2008Switzerland HP.
35Imbabura4634 m.December 10. 2008No. 21 in Ecuador
36Mount Whitney4417 m.August 1977Highest in the lower 48 states.
37Mount Elbert4399 m.July 1997Highest in Colorado
38Mount Massive4395 m.August 20, 20002nd Highest in Colorado
39Mount Harvard4395 m.August 27, 20003rd Highest in Colorado
40Mount Rainier4392 m.August 26, 2003Highest in Washington
41Blanca Peak4372 m.June 13, 2001, Aug. 23, 20024th Highest in Colorado
NRNorth Massive4371 m.August 20, 2000Soft rank
42La Plata Peak4370 m.September 10, 20005th Highest in Colorado
43Uncompahgre Peak4361 m.April 13, 20016th Highest in Colorado, Ski climb, beautiful day
44Crestone Peak4357 m.June 9, 20017th Highest in Colorado, A bad fall
45Mount Lincoln4354 m.August 15, 20008th highest in Colorado
46Grays Peak4349 m.July 19979th highest in Colorado, On the continental divide
47Mount Antero4349 m.March 29, 200110th highest in Colorado, Ski climb
48Torreys Peak4349 m.July 199711th highest in Colorado, On the continental divide
49Castle Peak4348 m.July 13, 200112th Highest in Colorado
50Quandary Peak4348 m.November 20, 200013th highest in Colorado, Ski climb
Mount Evans4348 m.October 15, 2000Across the Sawtooth
Longs Peak4345 m.August 1986 & 1997.Very crowded
White Mountain Peak4344 m.October 15, 2005.Cold and windy.
Mount Wilson4342 m.August 17. 2001Exposed finish
NRMount Cameron4340 m.August 15, 2000No rank, small hump
Mount Shavano4337 m.May 20, 2001The Angel of Shavano.
Mount Belford4327 m.September 17, 200018th in Colorado, Triple climb
Crestone Needle4327 m.June 10, 200119th in Colorado
Mount Princeton4327 m.June 14, 2001Strong wind, 3rd try !
Mount Yale4327 m.April 29, 200121th in Colorado
60Mount Bross4320 m.August 15, 2000Easy triple climb
Kit Carson Peak4317 m.July 3 2001Along the Avenue
NREl Diente4316 m.August 17. 2001No Rank, but still a Fourteener
Mount Shasta4316 m.June 1979California
Maroon Peak4315 m.July 16. 2002The big Bell
Grand Combin4314 m.September 15, 2012Swiss Alps.
Tabeguache Peak4314 m.May 20, 200125th., Nice View!
Mount Oxford4313 m.September 17, 2000Triple climb
Mount Sneffels4313 m.July 12, 2001Snow Mountain (Old Norse)
Mount Democrat4312 m.August 15, 2000Easy triple
Capitol Peak4307 m.July 19, 2002Knife Edge !
70Pikes Peak4301 m.May 13, 200130th in Colorado
Snowmass Mountain4295 m.July 14, 2002Traverse, the snow has melted.
Mount Eolus4292 m.July 11, 2001Catwalk and steep slope
Windom Peak4292 m.July 10, 2001Easy scramble
Challenger Point4292 m.July 3, 2001Shuttle memorial
Mount Columbia4289 m.August 27, 2000Across the Rabbit Ridge
Missouri Mountain4288 m.September 17, 2000Triple climb
Humboldt Peak4287 m.June 10, 2001Direct from the Needle
Mount Bierstadt4285 m.October 15, 200038th in Colorado
Sunlight Peak4285 m.July 10, 2001Tiny summit
NRConundrum Peak4285 m.July 13, 2001No rank, near Castle Peak
80Handies Peak4282 m.July 7, 200140th in Colorado
Culebra Peak4282 m.August 22, 2003My final Fourteener.
Ellingwood Point4280 m.August 22, 200242nd in Colorado
Mount Lindsey4280 m.August 24, 2002Completion of "the ABC"!
NRNorth Eolus4279 m.July 11, 2001No rank, but a nice place.
Little Bear Peak4278 m.August 22, 2002Most dangerous among the Fourteeners
Mount Sherman4278 m.February 25, 2001Ski climb
Redcloud Peak4278 m.July 6, 200146th in Colorado
Finsteraarhorn4274 m.September 19, 2004Remote in the Alps
Pyramid Peak4273 m.July 17th, 200247th in Colorado
Wilson Peak4272 m.August 16, 200148th in Colorado
90Wetterhorn Peak4272 m.July 5, 2001Abrupt summit
NRNorth Maroon Peak4271 m.August 19, 2001No Rank, but still a Fourteener
San Luis Peak4271 m.July 4, 2001Far away from everything
Mount of the Holy Cross4269 m.August 1997Former National Monument
Huron Peak4268 m.April 28, 2001Horrible ski descent
Sunshine Peak4268 m.July 6, 2001The lowest Fourteener
Red Mountain4239 m.August 22, 2003No 7x in Colorado
California Peak4221 m.August 25, 2002No 84 in Colorado
Tajumulco4220 m.February 13, 2011Guatemala HP
Huerfano Peak4215 m.August 24, 2002No 93 in Colorado
Mount Silverheels4213 m.April 3, 2007No 96 in Colorado, High Wind!
100Gannett Peak4209 m.July 28, 2012Wyoming HP, USA
Mauna Kea4205 m.September 1980Highest on Hawaii
Point 137954205 m.July 7, 2001109th in Colorado, Near Handies
Pasochoa4199 m.December 8, 2008No. 25 in Ecuador
Grand Teton4199 m.August 2, 2012No. 2 in Wyoming
Bald Mountain4171 m.April 6, 2007Colorado
Jebel Toubkal4165 m.December 4, 2005North Africa HP
Bishorn4153 m.August 1999Family climb
Mount Boising4150 m.June 25. 2014Finisterre Range HP. First ascent.
Mount Powell4139 m.August 17, 2012Gore range HP, Colorado, USA
Kings Peak4123 m.July 26, 2008Utah HP.
North Arapahoe Peak4115 m.August 1997Highest in Indian Peaks, windy ridge.
Barre des Ecrins4102 m.May 23, 2010Sharp ridge!
Apache Peak4097 m.September 23, 20002nd in Indian Peaks.
Kinabalu4095 m.July 29, 2006Polished granite, Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo HP.
Sundog4094 m.July 6, 2000300rd in Colorado. Also "Point 13432"
Navajo Peak4087 m.October 1, 20003rd among Indian Peaks.
Gran Paradiso4061 m.April 19, 2008Highest in Italy.
James Peak4052 m.November 4, 20005th among the Indian Peaks.
Piz Bernina4049 m.August 28, 2011Tough peak. Switzerland/Italy
Mount Audubon4030 m.September 2, 2000Nice, afternoon walk.
Jacque Peak4025 m.April 6, 2004Ski climb and ridge walk.
Cloud Peak4013 m.August 12, 2012Last Ultra!, Wyoming, Colorado, USA
Wheeler Peak4011 m.June 1993Highest in New Mexico.
NRM. (Guyselman)4005 m.August 1997First European!
Mount Eva4002 m.January 28, 2001My sister's name
N.3999 m.August 1997Ridge traverse.
NRWest of Ellingwood Point3993 m.June 12, 2001Soft Rank, unclimbed point?
Wheeler Peak3982 m.July 3, 2008Most prominent in Nevada.
Acatenango3976 m.February 15, 2011Guatemala.
Mount Toll3956 m.May 11, 2001Ski-climb, 14th among the Indian Peaks
Yu Shan3952 m.June 26, 2007Taiwan HP
NRO. (Little Powell)3917 m.August 1997Ridge Traverse.
Banderitas3910 m.January 15, 2002Puente del Inca, Argentina
Ortler3905 m.August 30, 2008South Tirol HP, Italy.
Piz Palü3905 m.June 1996Switzerland, horrible weather!
Tuktuai Peak3889 m.June 4, 2012Papua New Guinea.
Loma Santa Cruz Chica3889 m.December 15, 2008Ecuador.
Syue Shan3886 m.June 28, 2007Taiwan 2nd. highest
Mount Peale3877 m.July 21, 2008Utah, USA.
Yu Shan, North Summit3852 m.June 26, 2007Near Yu Shan.
Mount Borah3861 m.July 8. 2011Idaho state HP
Humphreys Peak3851 m.November 12. 2006Arizona state HP
Monte Viso3841 m.July 10. 20092nd. try, long climb, Italy
Cerro Chirripo3820 m.December 4. 2007Costa Rica HP.
Cerro Ventisqueros3812 m.December 3. 2007Costa Rica 2nd. highest.
Cerro Piramide3807 m.December 4. 2007Costa Rica 3rd. highest.
Gunung Kerinci3805 m.July 20. 2006Jungle mountain! Sumatra HP.
Grossglockner3798 m.August 10. 2005Highest in Austria.
Bison Peak3789 m.March 8. 2008Snow struggle, Colorado.
Fuji3776 m.October 1999Highest in Japan
Wildspitze3770 m.August 1999Highest in Tyrol
Greenhorn Peak3764 m.August 16. 2012Colorado, USA
150Sawtooth Peak3762 m.June 1984Near Mineral King, California.
Cerro Terbi3760 m.December 4. 2007Costa Rica.
Pico Sureste3752 m.December 4. 2007Costa Rica.
Mount Adams3751 m.May 1989Climbed on skis, Washington.
Gunung Rinjani3726 m.July 14. 2006Lombok HP.
Diamond Peak3719 m.July 10. 2011My ultra no 50 in usa48, Idaho.
Pico del Teide3718 m.March 2. 2004Tenerife HP, highest in Spain.
Syue Shan, North Summit3703 m.June 28, 2007Near Syue Shan.
Gunnbjørnfjeld (Hvitserk)3694 m.May 17. 2004Arctic HP, highest on Greenland.
Ibapah Peak3684 m.July 2. 2008Utah.
Qaqqaq Kershaw (Dome)3683 m.May 20. 20042nd. highest on Greenland.
Mount Moriah3678 m.July 3. 2008Nevada.
Qaqqaq Johnson (Cone)3669 m.May 21. 20043rd. highest on Greenland.
Sapsap3665 m.June 24. 2014Finisterre, Papua, New Guinea.
Medicine Bow Peak3662 m.August 13. 2012Wyoming, USA
Sierra Blanca Peak3659 m.July 19. 2008New Mexico, USA.
Mount Jefferson3640 m.October 16. 2005Remote Nevada.
Mount Nebo3636 m.July 23. 2008Utah, USA.
Charleston Peak3633 m.November 11. 2006Near Las Vegas.
Dammastock3630 m.May 25. 2014Furka Pass, Switzerland.
North Schell Peak3622 m.July 4. 2008Nevada.
Tödi3614 m.July 16. 2009Switzerland.
Arc Dome3588 m.October 17. 2005Remote Nevada.
Mount Timpanogos3581 m.July 24. 2008Utah, USA.
Cima Presanella3558 m.July 19. 2004Near Madonna di Campiglio, Italy.
Itkolbashi3543 m.August 9. 2004Baksan valley, Caucasus.
Lookout Mountain3530 m.July 19. 2008New Mexico, USA.
Puma Peak3527 m.August 14. 2012Colorado, USA
Mount Ellen3512 m.July 22. 2008Utah, USA.
San Gorgonio3506 m.June 1993Highest in Southern California.
Styggehorn3503 m.First ascent, May 23. 2004Twin horns above a huge cliff.
Twin Peaks3502 m.June 1994Snowbird, Utah.
Twin Sisters Peaks3484 m.August 15. 2012Colorado, USA.
Mulhacén3479 m.December 20, 2003Highest in Sierra Nevada, Spain.
Unnamed, north of Arc Dome3477 m.October 17, 2005Big mountain north of Arc Dome, Nevada.
Mount Hood3426 m.June 23, 2006Highest in Oregon.
Piz Kesch3418 m.August 31, 2008Switzerland.
Crazy Peak3417 m.August 9, 2012Montana, USA
Nebo North Peak3406 m.July 23. 2008Utah, USA.
Pico de Aneto3404 m.September 5, 1997Highest in the Pyrenees.
Pico de Posets3375 m.September 19952nd Highest in the Pyrenees.
Mount Baldy3374 m.July 27, 2008Snowbird ski resort, Utah.
Telescope Peak 3368 m.July 1997Highest in Death Valley.
Sugarloaf Mountain3368 m.July 27, 2008Snowbird, Utah.
Deseret Peak 3362 m.June 29, 2008Utah.
Monte Perdido3355 m.August 19993rd highest in the Pyrenees.
Marmolada3343 m.July 17. 2004Dolomites HP.
Cilindro de Marbore3328 m.August 1999Good name, 5th highest ?
Etna3326 m.July 17. 2005Sicily HP.
San Jacinto3305 m.July 7. 2008California.
200Mount Baker3286 m.June 21. 2006Washington, USA.
Mount Graham3269 m.July 17. 2008Arizona, USA.
Pilot Peak3266 m.July 1. 2008Nevada.
Point 32663266 m.May 18. 2004Nice peak with a good view.
Antelao3263 m.August 30. 2013King of the Dolomites, Italy.
Haute Cime3257 m.September 21. 2013Final Ultra in the Alps! Switzerland.
Flat Top Mountain3237 m.June 30. 2008Utah.
Glacier Peak3206 m.August 11. 2010Washington.
Mount Jefferson3199 m.August 20. 2010Oregon, USA.
Mount Cleveland3194 m.August 5. 2012Montana, USA.
Lassen Peak3187 m.July 1997Volcano, last active 1921.
Roundtop3164 m.3 times.Near Carson Pass, climbed on skis.
South Sister3157 m.August 18. 2010Oregon, USA.
Piz Boè3152 m.March 28. 2003Dolomites, Italy, What a lift operator!
Cima Brenta3151 m.September 14. 2013Dolomites, Italy.
Cima Tosa3139 m.July 19. 2009Dolomites, Italy, Wrong Peak!
Mount Washburn3119 m.June 1997Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
Muttenhoerner3099 m.August 1974Near Furka Pass, Switzerland.
Pico Duarte3098 m.March 10. 2009Dominican Republic HP.
Piton des Neiges3070 m.February 25. 2014Reunion, Indian Ocean HP.
San Antonio3068 m.July 6. 2008California.
Pizzo Coca3050 m.July 21. 2009Italy.
Hayford Peak3025 m.November 10. 2006Nevada, USA.
Sacajawea Peak2999 m.August 16. 2010Oregon, USA.
Star Peak2999 m.October 18. 2005Moonlight hike, Nevada.
Hoher Dachstein2995 m.July 2. 2006Before DD17, Austria.
McDonald Peak2993 m.July 12. 2011Montana, USA.
Chiricahua Peak2986 m.July 15. 2008Arizona, USA.
Pic de Peguera2982 m.July 1994Highest in Aigües Tortes, Spain.
Zugspitze2962 m.August 8. 2005Highest in Germany.
Snowshed Peak2947 m.July 15. 2008Arizona, USA.
Hochkönig2941 m.August 12. 2005Restaurant on top.
Pine Mountain2941 m.July 5. 2008Traverse.
Sacagawea Peak2941 m.August 10. 2012Montana, USA.
Petermann Bjerg2940 m.September 1996 and June 16. 1998 (5th ascent)Highest in Northeast Greenland.
Schwarzhorn2928 m.July 1999Switzerland
Musala2925 m.July 5. 2013Bulgaria HP.
Olympos2918 m.September 9. 2004Greece HP.
Dawson Peak2918 m.July 5. 2004Traverse.
Tossa Plana2916 m.August 1974Andorra
Vihren2914 m.July 4, 2013Bulgaria
Corno Grande2912 m.July 10, 2004Apennines, Italy
Kutelo2908 m.July 8, 2013Bulgaria.
Le Grand Bénare2898 m.February 22, 2014Reunion
Wildgarst2892 m.July 1999Switzerland
Miller Peak2885 m.July 14. 2008Arizona, USA.
Mount Stuart2870 m.August 27. 2010Washington, USA.
She Devil2867 m.August 15. 2010Idaho, USA.
He Devil2866 m.August 15. 2010Idaho, USA.
250Triglav2864 m.July 17. 2012Slovenia HP.
Le Taillefer2857 m.July 12 2007France
Pic de Mont Valier2838 m.July 1994French Pyrenees.
Brekruna2824 m.Second ascent, May 26. 2004East Greenland.
*Haldensteiner Calanda2806 m.Attempted, August 30. 2011Did not summit.
Monte Amaro2795 m.July 7. 2012Abruzzo, Italy
Mount Lemmon2791 m.July 16. 2008Arizona, USA
Grande Tete de L'Obiou2790 m.July 11. 2007Rock-fall !!
Polinik2784 m.September 12. 2007A very nice day.
Tobacor2769 m.August 1999Pyrenees.
Maja e Korabit2764 m.October 2. 2007Albania and Macedonia HP.
Pointe Percée2753 m.July 15. 2007Confused the two routes.
Jôf de Montasio2752 m.July 16. 2012Italy.
Mount Eddy2751 m.June 28. 2008Ultra no. 100, California.
Birkkarspitze2749 m.June 29. 2013Austria.
Pico de Salvaguarda2738 m.September 1997Pyrenees.
Acquaviva2737 m.July 7 2012Abruzzo, Italy.
Montana de Guajara2718 m.March 5. 2004Across from Teide and 1000 meter lower.
Colac2715 m.July 18. 2004Via Ferrata dei Finanzieri.
Monte Cinto2706 m.July 11. 2005Corsica HP.
Miriam Fjeld2700 m.First ascent, June 25. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Half Dome2695 m.July 1980Yosemite, California.
Maja Jezerce2693 m.October 1. 2007Albania.
Mt. Henkel2673 m.June 1997Glacier National Park, Montana.
Guadaloupe Peak2667 m.July 1993Highest in Texas.
Snowshoe Peak2663 m.August 8, 2012Montana, USA.
Hohe Mut2658 m.January 23. 2008Ötztaler Alpen, Austria.
Gerlach2654 m.June 27. 2010Tatra mountains, Slovakia HP.
Gog2651 m.4th ascent, June 23. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Snefjeld2650 m.First ascent, May 29. 2004East Greenland.
Torre de Cerredo2648 m.October 6. 2008Highest in Picos de Europa.
Smolikas2637 m.July 14. 20102nd. highest in Greece.
Birnhorn2634 m.June 28, 2013Austria.
Le Piton de la Fournaise2632 m.February 26. 2014Reunion.
Kalifbjerg2632 m.First ascent, June 12. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Torger Fjeld2630 m.First ascent, June 24. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Monte Rotondo2622 m.July 8. 2005Corsica.
Torstind2615 m.First ascent, June 14. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Pelister2601 m.July 14. 2013Macedonia.
Torre de la Pardida2596 m.October 5. 2008Picos de Europa, Spain.
Almanzor2592 m.September 12. 1998Highest in Sierra de Gredos Spain.
Tvilling Bjerg2590 m.First ascent, June 26. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Torsäule2588 m.August 12. 2005Beautiful peak.
NRBear Peak2579 m.1983, 1997, 2000, 2002Boulder, Colorado.
Roque de la Grieta2575 m.March 5. 2004A memorable traverse.
NRLa Galana2572 m.September 12, 19982nd highest in Sierra de Gredos, Spain.
Tangent Fjeld (sydøst toppen)2570 m.First ascent, June 12. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Monte Camicia2564 m.July 11. 2004Gran Sasso, Italy.
Kerberus2564 m.2nd ascent, June 27. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Mehlums Tinde2560 m.First ascent, June 21. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Grintovec2558 m.July 18. 2012Slovenia.
Mount St. Helens2549 m.May 1989Lost its top!, Washington (was 2950).
Moldoveanu2544 m.August 8. 2011Romania Highest.
300Solunska Glava2540 m.July 15. 2013Macedonia.
Montana Pasajiron2529 m.March 5. 2004A memorable traverse.
Kaimaktsalan2528 m.July 13. 2010Greece.
Bobotov Kuk2522 m.July 11. 2013Montenegro.
Paringul Mare2519 m.August 9. 2011Most prominent in Romania.
Grosser Priel2515 m.September 24. 2007Austria.
Lille Snefjeld2511 m.First ascent, May 28. 2004East Greenland.
Giona (Piramidha)2510 m.July 17. 2010Greece.
Birger Larsens Tinde2510 m.First ascent, June 21. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Peleaga2509 m.August 10. 2011Romania.
Säntis2503 m.September 1. 2008Switzerland.
NRTopo de la Grieta2502 m.March 5. 2004No rank, but nice end of traverse.
Rysy2499 m.June 28, 2010Poland HP.
Maja e Papingut2482 m.July 20, 2013Albania.
Green Mountain2482 m.August, 2000Boulder, Colorado.
Vettore2476 m.July 8. 2012Italy.
Col Nudo2471 m.July 14. 2004Dolomites, Italy.
Galdhøpiggen2469 m.3 timesHighest in Norway.
Arpasul Mare2468 m.August 8.Romania.
South Yolla Bolly Mountain2467 m.October 23. 2011California.
Glittertindca. 2464 m.August 19912nd highest in Norway.
Snowcap on top, height varies.
Psiloritis2456 m.September 14. 2006Highest on Crete.
Kootenay Mountain2456 m.July 14. 2011British Columbia.
Liakoura2455 m.September 10. 2004Greece.
Páchnes2453 m.September 13. 2006No. 2 in Crete.
Kristine Fjeld2449 m.First ascent, May 29. 2004East Greenland.
Cima del Redentore2448 m.July 8. 2012Italy.
Triple Divide Peak2444 m.June 1997A very special geographic point.
Fredericks Fjeld2440 m.First ascent, June 14. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Les Cornettes de Bise2432 m.September 22. 2013France/Switzerland.
Raucheck2430 m.May 30. 2010Steep Ladder, Austria.
Hvide Ryg2430 m.First ascent, June 26. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Mount Olympus2429 m.August 24. 2010Washington, USA.
Agathias2424 m.September 14. 2006.Crete, Greece.
Satan2422 m.April 16. 1989Strbske Pleso, Slovakia, Solo in fog.
Varful Ucisoara2418 m.October 27. 2007.Romania.
Grigna Settentrionale2410 m.July 18. 2007.Italy
Larstind2410 m.First ascent, June 21. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Profitis Ilias2407 m.September 12. 2004Peloponnese HP, Greece.
Store Skagastølstind2405 m.September 19893rd highest in Norway
NRSombrero de Chasna2405 m.March 6. 2004Family hike, Tenerife
Zirbitzkogel2396 m.November 2. 2007First ski in Austria
Emery Peak2388 m.July 1993Highest in Big Bend, Texas.
Louise Toppene2380 m.First ascent, June 27. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Rabben2378 m.Second ascent, May 30. 2004 East Greenland.
Killini2376 m.September 12. 2004 Peloponnes, Greece.
Botev2376 m.July 7. 2013 Bulgaria.
Maja Valamara2373 m.October 4. 2007Albania.
Skardstinden2373 m.September 29. 20025th highest in Norway.
Reisskofel2371 m.September 23. 2007West of Villach, Austria.
Hochtor 2369 m.October 16. 2007Great climb, Austria.
Vesle Galdhøpiggen2369 m.May 18. 20026th highest in Norway.
350Surtningssui2368 m.August 19957th highest in Norway.
NRStore Memurutind2364 m.August 1995No Rank
Geisstein2363 m.January 21. 2008Austria
Hybens Bjerg2360 m.First ascent, June 15. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Monte Renoso2352 m.July 7. 2005Corsica.
Grimming2351 m.July 6. 2006Austria.
La Tournette2351 m.July 14. 2007Tour de France..
Pålsryg2350 m.First ascent, June 17. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Ellmauer Halt2344 m.August 13. 2005Via Ferrata route.
Storgjuvtinden2344 m.May 19. 200212th highest in Norway.
Store Knutsholstind2341 m.August 199813th highest in Norway.
Cima Dodici O Ferozzo2336 m.July 16. 2004Near Asiago, Italy.
Tjørnholstind2330 m.August 199816th highest in Norway.
Bai Yi Zhai (He Feng Jian)2323 m.August 22. 2009Heibei, China.
Bukkehøi2314 m.May 19. 200217th highest in Norway.
Store Tverråtinden2309 m.May 20. 200218th highest in Norway.
Pietrosul Rodnei2303 m.August 12. 2011Romania.
Togano2301 m.September 20. 2013Italy.
Revet2300 m.First ascent, June 19. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Hochiss2299 m.June 30. 2013Austria.
Cherni Vrah2290 m.July 9. 2013Bulgaria.
Baselfjeld2290 m.First ascent, June 18. 1998Northeast Greenland.
Snøhetta2286 m.4 timesHighest in Norway outside Jotunheimen.
La Roche Ecrite2276 m.February 23. 2014Reunion.
Dickens Bjerg2275 m.First ascent, May 19 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Skorsteinseggi2275 m.First ascent, May 30 2004East Greenland.
Black Butte2270 m.October 23. 2011California.
Serra Dolcedorme2267 m.July 20. 2005Parco Nazionale del Pollino, Italy.
Point 22632263 m.May 27 2004East Greenland.
Besshø2258 m.August 12. 2006Good Memories, Jotunheimen, Norway.
Monte Cadria2254 m.July 13. 2012Epic struggle!, Italy.
Morton Peak2250 m.July 15. 2011Grizzly Bear! BC, Canada.
Monte Pollino2248 m.July 20. 2005Parco Nazionale del Pollino, Italy.
Hoher Ifen2230 m.June 6. 2010Kleinwalsertal, Austria.
Mount Kosciuszko2228 m.July 2 2003Highest on the Australian continent.
Cima Undici2228 m.July 16. 2004Near Asiago, Italy.
Le Cimandef2228 m.February 28. 2014Reunion.
Abercrombie Mountain2227 m.August 14. 2010Washington, USA.
Storebjørn2222 m.May 10. 2008Sognefjellet, Norway.
Cima di Valdritta2218 m.July 20. 2004The highest summit of Monte Baldo, Italy.
Pointe d'Arcalod2217 m.July 13. 2007France
Koussakas2211 m.September 14. 2006Crete, Greece.
Mount Townsend2209 m.July 2 20032nd. highest in Australia
Store Smørstabbtinden2208 m.May 10. 2008Sognefjellet, Norway.
Harney Peak2207 m.June 1997Highest in South Dakota.
Store Austabottind2204 m.August 5. 2006Jotunheimen, Norway.
Rams Head2195 m.July 2 20034th. highest in Australia
Saksi (Sokse)2189 m.May 10. 2008Sognefjellet, Norway.
Ameringkogel2187 m.November 3. 2007Austria
NRNordre Knutsholstind2185 m.August 1998No Rank, North of Store Knutsholstind
Cornetto2180 m.September 22. 2007Highest on Monte Bondone, Italy.
Serra del Prete2180 m.July 20. 2005Parco Nazionale del Pollino, Italy.
400Rondeslottet2178 m.August 10 2003Highest in Rondane, Norway.
Punktum2175 m.Second ascent, May 24 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Nordre Hestbrepiggen2172 m.May 18 2013Jotunheimen, Norway.
Hvalross Fjeld2170 m.First ascent, May 21 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Midzhur2168 m.March 16 2013Italy.
Monte Cimone2165 m.July 6 2007Italy.
Midtre Hestbrepiggen2160 m.May 18 2013Jotunheimen, Norway.
Uranostind2157 m.August 6. 2006Big struggle, Jotunheimen, Norway.
Mount Tod2155 m.July 23. 2011Walk in the park, BC, Canada.
Snow Mountain2151 m.October 24 2000California.
TWMC Fjeld2150 m.First ascent, May 20 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Veslebjørn2150 m.May 10. 2008Sognefjellet, Norway.
Dikti2148 m.September 17. 2006What a hot day! Crete, Greece.
Tjørnholsaksla2145 m.August 1998Southeast of Tjørnholstind
Afentis Christos2141 m.September 17. 2006What a hot day! Crete, Greece.
Snøholstinden2141 m.August 12. 2008Jotunheimen, Norway.
Hochobir2139 m.November 4. 2007Austria.
Storronden2138 m.August 10 20032nd. highest in Rondane, Norway.
Kniven2133 m.May 10. 2008Sognefjellet, Norway.
Cheops2130 m.First ascent, May 21 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
NRMount Sanitas2127 m.February 5th, 2001Boulder, Colorado.
Helgoland2125 m.First ascent, May 28 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Store Ringstind2124 m.March 25 2006Jotunheimen, Norway.
Maja e Kendrevicës2121 m.October 5. 2007Albania.
Høgronden2115 m.August 1. 2010Rondane, Norway.
Mirnock2110 m.November 4 2007Austria.
Stob Coire an Lochain2110 m.Second ascent, May 27 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Kebnekaise2109 m.August 5 2005HP Sweden
Mount Tod, South peak2104 m.July 23. 2011Subsidiary peak to Mount Tod. BC, Canada.
Hull Mountain2095 m.October 24. 2011California.
Hestdalshøgdi2091 m.May 19. 2013Oppland, Norway.
Sarektjohkka2089 m.May 28. 2007Sarek HP.
Tverrådalskyrkja2089 m.May 20. 2013Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Green Mountain2089 m.Many timesGreat run from Sverre's home.
Lazaros2085 m.September 17. 2006What a hot day! Crete, Greece.
Lodalskåpa2083 m.5 timesHighest nunatak on Jostedalsbreen.
Chamechaude2082 m.May 5 2006Near Grenoble, France.
*Raduc2082 m.July 13 2013Did not summit, Macedonia.
Schneeberg2076 m.October 7. 2007Austria.
Galdeberget2075 m.March 9. 2013Norway.
Falketind2068 m.April 16 2005Jotunheimen, Norway.
Kvitingskjølen2064 m.May 12 2008Jotunheimen, Norway.
Midtronden2060 m.August 1. 2010Rondane, Norway.
Vestre Kvitingskjølen2060 m.May 12 2008Jotunheimen, Norway.
Maja e Cikes2044 m.July 18 2013Albania
Vinjeronden2044 m.March 7 2003High winds and winter
Mount Mitchell2037 m.March 10 2008Highest in the East USA.
Radomir2031 m.July 12 2010Greece.
Mount Athos2030 m.July 6 2010Greece.
Mallory Fjeld2030 m.First ascent, May 25 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
NRSlingsbytinden2026 m.August 6. 2006Jotunheimen, Norway.
Clingman's Dome2025 m.July 1993Highest in Tennessee, 3rd. highest east of the Mississippi
Pap Bhàn2025 m.First ascent, May 22 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
450Maja e Qorres2018 m.July 18. 2013Albania.
Brenibba2018 m.June 4. 2011Jostedalsbreen, Norway.
Sagtinden2018 m.August 1. 2013Rondane, Norway.
Storesmeden2016 m.August 1. 2013Rondane, Norway.
Digerronden2016 m.August 1. 2010Rondane, Norway.
Vesle-Smeden2015 m.August 1. 2013Rondane, Norway.
Ø. Gråhøe2014 m.February 14 2004Oppland, Norway.
Dot2010 m.First ascent, May 24 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Old Cook's Cairn1990 m.First ascent, May 25 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Nunatak Dent1990 m.Second ascent, May 29 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Walmendingerhorn1990 m.June 4 2010Conference walk, Kleinwalsertal, Austria.
Cuyamaca Peak1985 m.February 11 2011DD20, San Diego, California.
Storskrymten1985 m.Ocober 13 2013Norway.
Kissavos1978 m.September 9. 2004Greece
Olavsbunuten1970 m.March 1992Ski climb, Jotunheimen.
Kleneggen1964 m.October 16 2004Ski climb, Romsdalen.
*Skridulaupen1962 m.March 6 2010Did not summit. Oppland, Norway.
Aonach Mhòr1960 m.First ascent, May 26 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Blåhøe1959 m.February 14 2004Oppland, Norway.
Høgste Breakulen1957 m.10 timesHighest on Jostedalsbreen.
Pangaion1956 m.July 8. 2010Greece.
Montalto1956 m.July 18. 2005Calabria, Italy.
Olympos1952 m.December 13. 2012Cyprus HP.
Gråhøe1945 m.February 14 2004Oppland, Norway.
Digerkampen1944 m.February 14 2004Oppland, Norway.
Mid-Gletscher1940 m.Second ascent, May 22 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Pangaion North East Top1940 m.July 8. 2010On the way to Pangaion.
Stølsnosi1935 m.April 16 2005Jotunheimen, Norway.
Kanalberget1937 m.August 1973Sarek in Sweden.
Folarskardnuten1933 m.October 1998, March 3. 2012Hallingskarvet Norway.
N.Ø. Skålefjellet1925 m.Many times in MayJostedalen Glacier, Norway.
Høgeloft1920 m.February 11 2006Buskerud, Norway.
Torrecilla1919 m.November 21 2004Highest in Malaga, Spain.
Mount Washington1917 m.September 22 2008New Hampshire state HP, USA.
Oksskolten1916 m.August 1972Highest in Northern Norway.
ICEsoft1910 m.First ascent, May 20 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Trekanten1910 m.Second ascent, May 22 2000Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland.
Suliskongen1908 m.April 28 2007Near Sulitjelma, Norway.
Hallingskarvet1905 m.March 4 2012Buskerud, Norway.
Monte Calvo1898 m.July 8 2012Morning hike, Italy
Bings Brekuppel1890 m.May 24 2002Tindefjellbreen
Puy de Sancy1885 m.May 7 2006Highest in Massiv Centrale.
Hellevassfonni1885 m.March 3 2012Hallingskarvet, Norway.
Gaustatoppen1883 m.June 19 2004Lost in the fog
Sanhedrin Mountain1882 m.October 24. 2011California
Sierra de Lújar1878 m.December 21 2003South of Sierra Nevada, Spain.
Jostedalsbreen 18741874 m.Many times, May skiingJostedalsbreen, Norway.
Maja e Qiramanges1863 m.July 22, 2013Albania.
Hardangerjøkulen1863 m.May 9 2002, December 2 2012Highest in Hordaland.
Pico Ruivo1862 m.December 11 2011Madeira, Portugal
Grosser Höllkogel1862 m.November 19 2007Austria, required two trips.
Tindefjellbreen1861 m.May skiingSkåla to Lodalskåpa.
Prestholtskarvet1859 m.January 1992South-East on Hallingskarvet.
500Ramnefjellbreen1856 m.May 1 2012Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Plomb Du Cantal1855 m.July 1 2012France.
Store Trolla1850 m.September 3 20051000 meter prominence in Southern Norway completed.
Cucurbata Mare (Bihor)1849 m.August 11 2011Romania.
Skåla1848 m.May 23 2002Unique mountain hut.
Gjerdeaksla1848 m.April 30 2012Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Heimdalshø1843 m.April 9, 1974Reindeer at the summit.
Såtbakkollen1840 m.October 5, 2006Sunndalen, Norway.
Nordre Slotthøa1837 m.October 6, 2006Møre og Romsdal, Norway.
Store Hånosi1836 m.September 12, 2010Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Marmora1834 m.July 15, 2005Sardine HP.
Jiehkkevarri1834 m.April 30, 2005Troms HP, Norway.
Vest Tverrfjellet1831 m.May skiingRidge with bad weather
Kjenndalskruna1830 m.4 timesNice view.
Storsølnkletten1827 m.June 7 2003Alvdal, Norway.
Snønipa1827 m.April 18 2009Jølster, Norway.
Høgbrøthøgde1821 m.March 10 2013Jotunheimen, Norway.
Pico Arieiro1818 m.December 11 2011Madeira, Portugal.
Berdalseken1814 m.January 31 2010Filefjell, Norway.
Point 18121812 m.November 21 2004Malaga, Spain.
Blåskavlen1809 m.July 4 2004Aurland, Norway.
NRPico Cidrao1801 m.December 13, 2011Madeira, Portugal.
Helagsfjället1797 m.January 6 2007Sweden.
Breitinden1797 m.July 2 2009Romsdal, Norway.
Strandanibba1796 m.April 30 2012Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Junipero Serra Peak1787 m.March 25 2007California
Finnan1786 m.July 1 2009Romsdal, Norway
Schafberg1782 m.July 5, 2006Wolfgang, Austria.
Sikkilsdalshøa1778 m.March 5, 2010Oppland, Norway.
Veslebotnskarvet1778 m.April 15, 2007Near Hemsedal, Norway.
Vennisfjellet1776 m.February 15, 2008Vang in Valdres, Norway.
Nord Saulo1768 m.April 30, 2007Near the border, but in Sweden.
Norra Sytertoppen1768 m.November 16. 2012.
Storsylen1768 m.October 15, 1972With an axe from Sweden.
Monte San Petrone1767 m.July 12, 2005Corsica.
Gravskardhøgda1767 m.February 28, 2006Hedmark, Norway.
Vargebreen1766 m.February 16, 2014Near Finse, Norway.
NRAngel's Landing1765 m.July 1997Zion National Park, exposed.
Col Visentin1763 m.July 11, 2012Road hike.
Stiganosi1761 m.November 22, 2008Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Midtre Sølen1755 m.June 8, 2003Hedmark, Norway.
1753 m.July 2 2012France.
Ølfjellet1751 m.November 10, 2012Saltfjellet, Norway
Kveita1751 m.April 30, 2005Lyngen in Troms, Norway.
Mount Lolo1748 m.July 24, 2011Near Kamloops. BC, Canada.
Heidalsmuen1745 m.November 13, 2004Strong wind on top, Oppland, Norway.
dirfis1743 m.September 14, 2004Évia, Greece.
Veslfjellet1743 m.August 1961The high end of Besseggen.
Mont Armetta1739 m.July 4, 2012Italy.
Mont Amiata1738 m.July 6, 2012Italy.
Point 17341734 m.April 15, 2007Near Hemsedal, Norway.
Ramnabergnuten1731 m.May 9 2002Near Hardangerjøkulen.
Sprangdalseggi1723 m.April 6, 1974Near Styggevatn, Breheimen.
550Sandfloegga1721 m.March 28, 2014Hardangervidda, Norway.
Simlepiggen1721 m.March 1975Ski climb, Rondane.
Harbarsbreen1720 m.April 6, 1974Sunset.
Njunis1717 m.May 5, 2012Troms, Norway.
Storhøe1716 m.November 3, 2013Dovre, Norway.
Årjep Saulo1715 m.May 1, 2007Sweden.
Newtontoppen1713 m.April 26, 2013Svalbard High Point.
Perriertoppen1712 m.April 27, 20132nd. highest on Svalbard.
Kvitegga1710 m.May 30, 2003Møre High Point.
Alberfeldkogel1707 m.January 20, 2008Austria.
Meleinsnibba1706 m.May 1 2012Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Tarven1703 m.April 24, 2010Near Myrdal, Norway.
NRLillsylen1702 m.October 15, 1972No Rank, In Sweden.
Kråkvasstinden1700 m.February 22, 2013Near Oppdal, Norway.
Kvigtinden1699 m.September 10, 2011Nordland, Norway.
Nordre Sølen1699 m.June 8, 2003Hedmark, Norway.
Mont Lozère1699 m.July 2, 2012France.
S. Knutshøa1690 m.November 2, 2013Dovre, Norway.
Hårteigen1690 m.September 22, 2001King of Hardangervidda.
1690 NW of Storsølnkletten1690 m.June 7 2003Alvdal, Norway.
Søre Sølen1688 m.June 8, 2003Hedmark, Norway.
Dyrtjørnhøi1687 m.March 4, 2010Oppland, Norway.
Skaget1686 m.October 8, 2010Oppland, Norway.
Fremsta Ryssenipa1685 m.June 30, 2009Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Kirkestinden1677 m.May 11, 2012Troms, Norway.
*Standing Indian1676 m.March 11, 2008Did NOT summit. North Carolina.
Nupsegga1673 m.January 19, 2013Extremely cold! Telemark/Hordaland, Norway.
Blåhøa1671 m.May 13, 2008Trollheimen, Norway.
Gjegnen1670 m.April 27, 2003Avalanche, Norway.
Snota1669 m.March 18, 2007Trollheimen, Norway.
Ingulssjøhøi1667 m.March 5, 2010Oppland, Norway.
Tronden1666 m.June 9, 2003Alvdal, Norway.
Holmbukttind1666 m.April 30, 2005Lyngen in Troms, Norway.
Folgefonnen (South summit)1662 m.May 1998Highest on Folgefonnen glacier.
Storebreen1662 m.November 22, 2008Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Stavsnuten1661 m.March 30, 2014Hardangervidda, Norway.
Rohkunborri1659 m.May 4, 2005Remote peak in Troms, Norway.
Piatra Graitoare1658 m.August 11, 2011Romania.
Vassdalseggi1658 m.March 18, 2012Haukeli, Norway.
Pico Grande1654 m.December 12, 2011Madeira, Portugal.
Pico Ruivo do Paul da Serra1649 m.December 12, 2011Madeira, Portugal.
Fresvikbreen1648 m.March 15 2003Sogn og Fjordane
Kistenuten1648 m.March 16 2012Haukeliseter, Norway
Folgefonnen (North summit)1644 m.May 1998Folgefonnen glacier.
Høg-Gia1641 m.July 31, 2010Hedmark, Norway.
Skomanosi1641 m.January 13, 2007Fjellsport trip.
Grovabreen1636 m.May 2, 2010Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Baksafjellet1636 m.December 29, 2003Reminds me of my son.
Vassfjøra1633 m.December 28, 2003Kaldevass.
Store Smørskredtind1631 m.September 20, 2003Sunnmøre, Norway.
Mount Marcy1630 m.October 1980Highest in New York.
Høgbrøtet1630 m.March 10, 2013Jotunheimen, Norway.
600Eidshornet1629 m.May 29 2003Near Geiranger
Mount Enos1627 m.December 2 2006HP island Kefalonia, Greece
Store Lenangstind1625 m.August 2. 2005, June 1. 200718 hour snow climb.
*Satertind1623 m.November 12. 2012Turned back, due to weather.
Onen1621 m.May 18, 2003Hordaland, Norway.
Blåhø1617 m.March 3, 2006Oppland, Norway.
Breifonn1616 m.March 29, 2014Hardangervidda.
Store Flåtten1616 m.April 1988Hardangervidda.
Sundfjordbjørnen1615 m.May 9, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Trollhetta1614 m.March 16, 2007Trollheimen, Norway.
Madari1613 m.December 15, 2012Cyprus.
Store Grananuten1613 m.September 22, 20013rd highest Hardangervidda north.
Sundhellerskarvet1613 m.October 1997Highest on Geiteryggen.
Fegari1611 m.July 10, 2010Greece.
Pourianos Stavros1610 m.July 18, 2010Home of the Centaurs.
Fedalsnibba1609 m.May 31, 2003Near Strynsvatnet.
Bitihorn1607 m.June 1986With Bill Briggs
Blåøret1605 m.February 23, 2013Oppdal, Norway.
Elgspiggen1604 m.February 17, 2008Hedmark, Norway.
Mount Lafayette1603 m.September 23, 2008New Hampshire, USA.
San Benito1597 m.March 27, 2007California.
Nordre Trollhetta1596 m.March 16, 2007Trollheimen, Norway.
Nordre Sålekinna1595 m.February 18, 2008Hedmark, Norway.
Psili Korifi1589 m.July 15, 2010Greece.
Storhornet1589 m.March 11, 2005Snow and limmited views.
Storfonn1587 m.November 6, 2003Magnificent view
Vassdalsfjellet1587 m.April 27, 2009Fantastic Tour!
Råna1586 m.August 19, 2013Sunnmøre, Norway.
Blåbergnuten1585 m.March 29, 2014Hardangervidda, Norway.
Gilafjellet1584 m.January 30, 2010Valdres, Norway.
Skorafjellet1583 m.March 8, 2013Hordaland, Norway.
Harahorn1581 m.April 15, 2007Near Hemsedal, Norway.
Olsskavlen1576 m.January 21, 2007Test of repair kit, Hordaland Norway.
Skjomtinden1575 m.August 3, 2005Den Sovande Dronning
Nonstinden1573 m.October 21, 2006Still no winter.
Botnafjellet1572 m.February 16 2003Magnificent view
Cone1571 m.March 28 2007California
Mont Aigoual1565 m.July 2 2012France.
Storviglen1561 m.August 1970East of Røros.
Sveigen1561 m.Summer 1991Haukeli, Norway.
Siljak1560 m.March 17, 2013Serbia..
Rostafjellet1558 m.June 2, 2008Troms, Norway
*Geittinden1556 m.November 11, 2012Turned around, Nordland, Norway
Nordre Langsuen1553 m.February 1998Highest in Gausdal Vestfjell.
Mannfjellet1552 m.June 13, 2011Troms, Norway.
Fossdalsskavelen1551 m.November 23, 2008Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
NRSkavteigfjellet1548 m.May 1 2012Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Melsnipa1547 m.May 8, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Roman-Kosh1545 m.January 25, 2014Crimea, Ukraine.
Didnojiehkki1544 m.September 19, 2010The top is melting.
Gråhøgda1543 m.July 31 2010Hedmark, Norway.
Skårasalen1542 m.May 1 2003Sunnmøre, Norway.
Papoutsa1542 m.December 15 2012Cyprus.
650Brattefjell1540 m.March 2 2010Telemarkøre, Norway.
Skaulen1538 m.January 29, 2006Near Sauda in Rogaland, Norway.
Kvannefjellet1537 m.February 13, 2010Telemark, Norway.
Monte Asto1535 m.July 10 2003Corsica.
Blåegga1530 m.February 16 2003On the way to Botnafjellet.
Lille Russetind1527 m.May 8, 2005Troms, Norway.
Bukkenibba1520 m.August 2, 2013Bremanger, Norway.
Knutshøi1517 m.August 1998Scenic ridge, near Gjende Lake.
Ruten1516 m.November 5, 2005Espedalen, Norway.
Gjendestunga1516 m.August 1991West of Gjende Lake.
Biellogaisa1510 m.June 11, 2011Troms, Norway. Solo, 12.5 hours!
Grøndalsnipa1509 m.May 9, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Sæbyggjenuten1507 m.February 14, 2014Øst-Agder HP, Norway.
Snøhetta1506 m.May 7, 2005Troms, Norway.
Friken1506 m.April 17 2005Jotunheimen, Norway.
NRAvleinsfjellet15xx m.May 1 2012Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Queimadas1500 m.December 16 2011Big effort! Madeira, Portugal.
Istind1495 m.June 12 2011Lyngen, Norway.
Gråhøa1493 m.November 2 2013Oppdal, Norway.
Gottopphesten1492 m.May 9, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
NRSaueggi1488 m.May 8, 2004Soft Rank, Meneseggi traverse.
Tverrviglen1486 m.August 1970East of Røros.
Store Ishaug1485 m.April 1. 2014Hardangervidda, Norway.
Eidskyrkja1482 m.May 3 2003Nice ski slopes! Møre, Norway.
Afentis Stavromenos1476 m.September 16. 2006Road to the top, East Crete, Greece.
Skjorta1472 m.October 16. 2010Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Mjølfjell1470 m.October 17. 2009Hordaland, Norway.
Fivlenosi1466 m.May 2. 2010Doubleheader, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Gråfjell1466 m.August 14. 2006Orienteering, Norefjell, Norway.
Bjørnabreen1464 m.September 26. 2010Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Elgåhogna1460 m.February 16, 2008Engerdal HP, Norway.
Høgevarde1459 m.Winter 1962Norefjell
Brasstown Bald1458 m.March 11, 2008Georgia (US) HP.
Stav1458 m.April 29 2006An attempt on Sogndalseggi.
Spanstinden1457 m.May 12, 2005Troms, Norway.
Juklavasskruna1455 m.August 17, 2003West of Folgefonnen, Norway.
Veslsølnkletten1454 m.June 7 2003Alvdal, Norway.
N. of Melsnipa1446 m.May 8, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Daurmål1445 m.November 16, 200210 hours, fog, rain and snow
Trollvasstinden1441 m.September 18, 20102nd. attempt, Lyngen, Norway.
Fongen1441 m.February 1972Ski climb, Trøndelag.
Chao dos Terreiros1436 m.December 14, 2011Madeira, Portugal.
Pico do Serradinho1436 m.December 15, 2011Madeira, Portugal.
Lauparen1434 m.August 18, 2013Sunnmøre, Norway.
Kvitanosi1433 m.September 7, 2008Hordaland, Norway.
Kolåstinden1432 m.May 2, 2003Famous peak, Sunnmøre, Norway.
Vassdalsnipa1430 m.May 8, 2010Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Store Skrekken1429 m.December 1973New Years Eve + Hurricane.
Melderskin1426 m.April 23, 2005Rosendal Alps, Norway.
NRBjørndalstindane1426 m.August 17, 2003Soft Rank, North of Folgefonnen, Norway.
Mælefjell1415 m.September 4, 2004Big river, Telemark, Norway.
Spåtind1414 m.16 timesSki climb, Oppland.
Harevollnipa1406 m.May 8, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
700Hamperokken1404 m.June 12, 2004Fine ridge traverse.
Tverrbakktinden1392 m.June 6, 2008Lyngen, Norway.
Midtvigelen1381 m.August 1970East of Røros.
Hjerttinden1380 m.May 2, 2005Troms, Norway.
Mount Sonder1380 m.July 22. 20034th. highest in the Northern Territory, Australia.
Blåtindan1378 m.May 3, 2005Troms, Norway.
Ustetind1376 m.February 23, 2003South of Ustaoset.
Grøndalsfjellet1375 m.March 11, 2013Vikafjellet, Norway.
Viromkjerringa1374 m.June 22, 2013Nordmøre, Norway.
Skorve (Gøysen)1370 m.April 9, 2005Telemark, Norway.
Søre Svartkampen1366 m.October 9, 2010Oppland, Norway.
Vigelpiken1361 m.August 1970East of Røros.
Finnbunuten1358 m.February 6. 2005Myrkdalen, Hordaland, Norway.
Vehuskjerringa1355 m.September 11. 2006Telemark, Norway.
Hjortahorgi1351 m.September 1998Highest between Voss and Hardanger.
Gygrastolen1345 m.May 5. 2002Fantastic mountain and weather
Ben Nevis1344 m.August 1975Highest in Great Britain.
Dalegubben1344 m.October 7. 2006Sunnmøre, Norway.
Mount Mansfield1339 m.September 21. 2008Vermont state highpoint, USA.
Fuglafjellet1334 m.September 29, 2001Highest in Kvamskogen.
Forolhogna1332 m.Feb. 1973Ski climb, Trøndelag.
Matøskja1332 m.January 31. 2009Sunnmøre, Norway.
Copernicus Peak1330 m.February 28, 2008Santa Clara HP, California.
Indre Sula1325 m.June 23. 2013Nordmøre, Norway.
Djuptjernkampen1325 m.March 24. 2005Great trip with PJ.
Monsbunuten1324 m.March 25. 2012Haugastøl, Norway.
Stortind1320 m.June 11, 2004Troms, Norway.
Skrott1320 m.January 4, 2004Ski climb, quite a struggle.
Larsfonnberget1318 m.Decmber 20, 2009Ski climb, deep snow, hard work.
Fremstegretta1315 m.May 8, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Snøhornet1309 m.February 11, 2012Sunnmøre, Norway.
NRLaurdalstind1307 m.May 1. 2002Bad weather, snow, exposure and no rank
Blægja1304 m.May 1. 2004Great views and a nice ridge.
Saudehornet1303 m.May 1. 2011Sunnmøre.
Kvittingen1299 m.January 19992nd. in Kvamskogen
Pelineo1297 m.July 1988Highest on Chios, Bullen Bax.
Glitregga1297 m.January 4, 2003Snow and fog, large primary factor.
Blåfjellet1293 m.September 26, 2003Nordland, Norway.
Runderabben1292 m.October 5, 2012Hordaland, Norway.
Røysdalsnuten1291 m.March 3, 2010Telemark, Norway.
Røssjøkollane1288 m.1973?Gausdal Vestfjell, Norway
Eggene1288 m.January 31, 2009Sunnmøre, Norway
Trollvasstinden1285 m.January 5, 2003Fantastic scenery, my first in Møre og Romsdal.
Langlitinden1277 m.November 20, 2011Extremely nicve climb!, Troms, Norway.
Urfjellet1267 m.January 7, 2005Very nice views, Møre og Romsdal.
Kourtellorotsos1266 m.December 15, 2012Cyprus.
Reitetinden1260 m.September 1, 2012Troms, Norway.
Iendafjellet1260 m.September 29, 20013rd. Highest in Kvamskogen.
Midtfjell1255 m.October 27, 2002Struggle in the steep snow.
Jolgrøhornet1253 m.February 18, 2006Sunnmøre, Norway.
Stormauken1249 m.May 11, 2005Troms, Norway.
750Ulvanosa1246 m.December 28, 2002Large primary factor.
Løksetinden1242 m.May 13, 2005Last and tough T5 peak, Troms, Norway.
Oksen1241 m.June 15, 2008Hordaland, Norway.
Tromsdalstind1238 m.June 1988Midnight climb.
Roaldshornet1230 m.October 22, 2006Walk between the clouds.
Store Kågtind1228 m.June 1, 2008Troms, Norway.
Skopphornet1226 m.October 13, 2012Sunnmøre, Norway.
Rasmustind1224 m.May 1, 2005Troms, Norway.
Iglfjellet1218 m.January 1972Ski climb, Trøndelag.
Guadagnolo1218 m.July 2012Village top, Italy
Lavangstinden1215 m.Troms, Norway.
Geitadalstind1210 m.December 28, 2002Twin summit.
Kvamshesten1209 m.October 25, 2003Extreme views.
Karltinden1206 m.Troms, Norway.
Øksfjordjøkelen1204 m.May 30, 2008Finnmark, Norway.
Leirtinden1203 m.May 6, 2005Troms, Norway.
Taklinatten1202 m.January 20, 2013Buskerud, Norway.
Ryssdalshornet1201 m.October 10, 2010Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
NRMount Alyeska1201 m.September 1981Alaska.
No rank, The small mountain goat!
Englafjell1200 m.September 13, 2009Hordaland, Norway
Sprovstinden1194 m.April 5 2008Møre og Romsdal, Norway
Storliknausen1194 m.October 8 2011Hordaland, Norway
Roan1191 m.April 10 2005Telemark, Norway
Snuen1179 m.3 timesGausdal Vestfjell, Norway
Smisetnebba1175 m.October 11, 2003Near Sunndalsøra, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
Storehaugfjellet1173 m.November 17 2002Sogndal, Norway
Store Haugmelen1172 m.July 4, 2004Sogndal, Norway
Mount Diablo