• Uludaz
  • 2253 m
  • Prominence 1739 m
  • Turkey
  • Location: North 37.45002, East 036.65487 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed August 28. 2021.


How to get there:
The nearest big town is Kahramanmaras. xxxxxx Driving on the main road into this valley, you should see a lake below on your right hand side. Continue to location N37.50798, E036.62050, then turn left (uphill) here. This road is more narrow, but with a nice permanent surface. Continue to locaation N37.48063, E036.64639, where you turn sharply right, then continue on a road of similar good quality. You should now drive to N37.46843, E036.63318, where a dirt road forks (uphill) left. This is the start of a mountain road that continues all the way to the summit. This road is generally pretty good, but it also have some rougher sections and a 4WD with reasonable clearance is recommended. Generally, the road is a bit rougher towards the end.
Route description:
Follow the road to the summit.
I had arrived the day before after driving from Ankara. I stayed at Ramada Plaza, a rather big hotel with few guests, but reasonable.
I started from Kahramanmaras shortly after 0700. Google maps guided me to a shortcut road that did not exist, this caused a delay of about 30 minutes. The drive took me through several smaller villages before entering the valley with the lake.
I could have driven my car all the way to the summit. However, after 2 travel days, I really felt like walking at least a little. Therefore, I parked 200 vertical meter below the summit.
Leaving at 0925, it took me 20 minutes to gain the summit. A building is located up there, perhaps some sort of old lookout tower? The highest point is a few meter beyond. A small rock wall has been built there. Good views back down to the lake at the valley floor, also around, but some haze prevented a very clear view. There is another distinct and pretty high peak a bit west of south. (Name tbd.) I left after 10 minutes and hiked back down in 15.
This ultra was only discovered after a global computer analysis could be done. My GPS showed a significantly higher elevation 2261m, relative to the assigned elevation of 2233m.