Doi Inthanon

  • Doi Inthanon
  • 2565 m
  • Primary factor 1835 m
  • Thailand
  • Location: North 18.58866, East 098.48735 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed July 4. 2018.


How to get there:
The city of Chiang Mai is a good point of reference. Drive south-west on Hwy. 108. This road passes quite close (east side) of the airport. The road is a (mostly) 4 lane Hwy. (2 lanes in each direction) with a central divide. After about 50 kilometer, there are clear signs where one should turn right onto Hwy. 1009. (sign for Doi Inthanon)
Soon after this turnoff, you enter the entrance gate to the natíonal park. Entrance (2018) was 300 MYR per person and 30 MYR for the car. The road inside the park has many curves, but is a nice, paved 2-lane road all the way to the parking area which is right next to the summit.
Route description:
The parking is located between two small local hills. One has a military installation and public has no access, guarded by military personel. The other, which fortunately is the higher one, has a wide and nice trail access directly from the parking lot.
One will arrive at the highest point within a few minutes. The first that attracts attention is some large sculpture with smaller sculptures in front. The walkway turns around this sculpture to a sign that announces the highest point in Thailand with 4 decimal figures!
I started from our hotel ISTY, in Chiang Mai, around 0815. The drive was straightforward and I arrived at the parking around 1015. It was misty and the temperature had dropped from about 33C to only 16C up here. The hike to the summit marker was done in a couple of minutes. I stopped and looked at the stone with "The story of Inthanon", then nearby another story about the "former king.