• Solemsvåttan
  • 423 m
  • Primary factor 240 m
  • Trondheim, Trøndalag.
  • Location: North 63.40916, East 010.58326 (GPS on summit)
  • February January 5. 2018
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2 (winter)


How to get there:
Exit E-6 at Ranheim (going north from Trondheim centrum), going right, then almost immediately turn left to access the area called Reppe. Follow the road uphill and through a residental area towards the hills. There are some signs and you should find parking at a place called Tjønnstuggu. This is at location N63.4085, E010.5630, elevation about 210 meter.
Follow the ski track up the first hill, turn left on a clear path that climbs the hillside. This trail will lead you all the way to the summit. It is really not designed for skiing, but it works. There is a look-out tower very close to the summit.
I left with my friend Jostein at 1100. We agreed that he should ski ahead and meet me close to Blåberga. I arrived at the summit around 1125. After a brief stop I tried to continue my skiing to Blåberga.