• Svarttjernshøgda
  • 717 m
  • Primary factor 344 m
  • Saddle at Grua 373 m
  • Highest in Nordmarka.
  • In Jevnaker.
  • Location: North 60:13.283, East 10:30.127
  • Climbed in winter 1968.


How to get there: This highpoint can be accessed from several starting points. We started at the skihut named Ringkollen.
Route description: I skied from Ringkollen to this special summit, then via the skihut Løvlia over another high point Vidvangen, down to Burudvann, across the Stein farm and across Valler to my home to Lillehagveien, very near the small village called Sandvika (10 km west of Oslo on the Oslofjord coast). This is a quite substantial skitrip.
Comments: I skied with a friend from my high school Valler. This high point is the highest in Nordmarka a large forest that is near Oslo, the capital of Norway. This high point is also the highest in the community of Jevnaker.