• Hatten
  • 850 m
  • Prominence 839 m
  • Location: North N68.18055, E015.94825 (GPS at summit)
  • Hamarøy, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 2
  • Climbed on July 5. 2021


How to get there:
The trailhead and parking is located 11 kilometer south of Bognes along Hwy. E-6. Bognes is the south side of the only ferry connection along E-6, south of Narvik. Bognes also has a ferry connection directly across to Lofoten. Exit E-6 and find immediate parking. This location is N68.16534, E015.96665, elevation 150 meter.
Route description:
First, continue along the farm road until it ends, quite close to the mountain. A good trail continues to the broad saddle between Hatten and Bjørnkjeften, the lower peak up on your right. The trail is steep and generally consists of sand, very few rocks. Once in the saddle, turn left towards Hatten. There is one short section with rocks that needs to be crossed (YDS class 2). As you get closer, you will see that Hatten has steep cliffs guarding its summit. A ladder has been put (securely) in place to overcome this problem. From the top of the ladder you are just a few easy steps away from the summit cairn.
It is possible to avoid using the ladder, by climbing a crack on the other side of the summit area.
After my super trip to Store Forra yesterday, it was time for an easy day. Hatten was my goal for the day, this Hatten is far easier than the Hatten mountain in Steigen. I left around 0950 and arrived on top at 1110. One should note that there is a small stream (possibly no water in dry summers?) just before the trail breaks out of the trees. I stopped and filled my water bottle there. The view from the summit is nice, interesting rock formations as well as good views to Steigen (south) as well as Lofoten (west). The lower peak, Bjørnkjeften, that may be climbed from the saddle turning right (left to Hatten), has a pretty sharp ridge.
After about 20 minutes on top, in absolutely perfect weather, I walked back down in about one hour. Quite high on the mountain, I noticed some ptarmigan chickens and then almost immediately, I was attacked by their mother. Normally, she will try to get your attention, then moving away from her babies, this was the first time I have experienced that this bird would fly directly towards you. Down at the road, I met several parties about to head uphill. Clearly, this peak is quite a popular hiking goal.