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  • 2364 m.
  • Primary factor 25 m
  • Jotunheimen, Norway
  • Location: North 61:34.038, East 008:28.652
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed in August 1995


How to get there: The mountain is perhaps most easily approached from the pass Veoskar which can be reached from the hut Spiterstulen as well as from the DNT hut Glitterheim.
Route description: The climb from Veoskar is straightforward. The summit itself consists of a large block.
Comments: I climbed this peak in the early morning hours after having arrived in Veoskar the previous day with my son Tor. We had completed a long traverse (above 2000 m) from Surtingssui to Veoskar that day.
This is perhaps the most famous and well known summit, however the east summit is about 2 meter higher. I was unaware of this when I climbed the peak, too bad, I may have to pay another visit.
This traverse from Surtingssui to Veoskar which also could be continued to the summit of Leirhøi (2330m), is perhaps the longest continuous route abve 2000m in Norway. The route involves scrambling as well as glacier crossing and should not be attemped without proper gear and experience. The route traverses several minor points that some high "point collectors" consider significant. In order of increasing primary factor:
Blåbrehø S-1, 2154m, primary factor 10m,
Styggehøbretindan, 2220m, primary factor 30m,
Blåbrehø N, 2165m, primary factor 58m,
Blåbrehø S-2, 2196m, primary factor 60m.