• Steinsethorgi
  • 796 m
  • Primary factor 173 m
  • Granvin, Norway
  • Location: North 60.51295, East 006.66654 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed September 26. 2017
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1


How to get there:
Locate the road from Voss to Granvin. If driving from Voss, then first exit right to Granvin, then immediately turn right again. Measure from here. Turn left onto a bridge across the river from lake Granvinsvatnet, then turn right. Drive along lake Granvinsvatnet. There is a pedestrian/bike road that runs parallel. The road runs closer to the lake. Make a big curve left at kilometer 2.2, the bike path continues along the lake at this point. At kilometer 4.3, fork right. Then, at kilometer 5.1, turn sharply left. After a small hilltop, you arrive at a self serve toll road at kilometer 5.7. Pay toll (NOK 40 in 2017) here and deposit in the box. Continue to kilometer 6.1 where you must open (and close) a gate. The road now climbs steeply. Finally, at kilometer 8.0, you reach a nice parking area on your left hand side. There is even a picnic table. Park here, this is the trailhead, location N60.17721, E005.76910, elevation about 145 meter.
A small trail marked with red paint and a few white ribbons, starts out directly from the parking area. This trail climbs up (from the west) between Smøreggi, 786m, and the top that is our target. The trail actually passes about 150 meter to the east of the summit, thus traverse right across easy, almost flat terrain to reach the summit point.
Åke Dahlen had been visiting in Bergen and I had just returned from Senja. A math. conference - Enumath would take place in Voss all week. We started at 0835 and had a nice morning walk to the summit, getting there around 0915. We took a break and looked around towards higher peaks. This summit is a pretty nice viewpoint, one can also look down towards the Hardanger fjord.
We left at 0930 and followed the trail back to the car at 1000.
I drove back to the conference, while Åke would hike back across Høgahorgi to his small tent pitched at FYYY camping.