• Gråhøe
  • 1945 m
  • Primary factor 115 m.
  • Location: Oppland, Norway
  • Location: North 62:04.551, East 008:04.263
  • Saddle is towards Ø. Gråhøe, at 1830 meter
  • Climbed February 14, 2004.


How to get there: Billingen is a good point to start from. Billingen is located on Hwy. 15, between Stryn and Otta. Coming from Stryn (or Geiranger), Billingen is about 12 km after Grotli in the direction towards Otta. Driving time from Bergen is about 6 hours.
In the opposite direction, approximately 33 km after Sjåk. Driving time from Oslo is probabely about 5 hours. There is a trailhead with a DNT sign for the trail that runs up the valley Torddalen, parking for 4-5 cars in the winter. The elevation is 732 meter and the precise location, north 62:00.589, east 007:51.699.
Route description: See the description of Ø. Gråhøe for the initial part of this route.
From the summit of Ø. Gråhøe, descend to the saddle connecting with Gråhøe. From this saddle, the climb of Gråhøe is straightforward.
Comments: I did this climb with my son Pål Jørgen, age 14. A brief trip report can be found under comments for the climb of Ø. Gråhøe, 2014 meter.