Wong Leng

  • Wong Leng
  • 639 m
  • Primary factor 609 m
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Location: North 22.48922, East 114.20787 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed November 5, 2019


How to get there:
A good starting point is Tai Mei Tuk. You may travel there by bus number 75K. This bus leaves the bus station located directly across from the Tai Po market MTR (train/metro) station. Walk into the bus terminal area, you will find platform 75K to the right and quite a bit to the inside. Take the bus to its final stop, Tai Mei Tuk, the travel time is about 40 minutes. This location is N22.47221, E114.23289, elevation about 5 meter.
Route description:
from the bus stop, continue along the main road, Ting Kok Road. Walk about 600 meter and look for a smaller road (possibly signed) that forks left (uphill). The official trailhead portal is located at N22.47711, E114.23620, elevation around 50 meter. This is slightly less than 100 meter after leaving the main road.
A good trail starts here and heads uphill with nicely made steps. Continue to follow this trail, ignore a trail that merges from your right. The trail is gentle uphill with some level sections. Nice view to the sea. Continue to a signed trail fork at location N22.48962, E114.23483, elevation about 335 meter. Turn sharply left at this junction. The trail continues with a more sustained uphill (many steps) to reach a first, nice, summit point at location N22.48499, E114.23405, elevation 511 meter.
From here, the trail continues across several minor tops, quite a bit up and down mostly steps, before reaching the summit of Shun Yeung, at 590 meter. From here, you will see Wong Leng, as the culminating summit of a ridge that ascends from the local col between Shun Yeung and Wong Leng. Shun Yeung has a prominence of about 90 meter, slightly short of qualifying as an independent peak.
The main trail passes right (north) of Wong Leng, but there is a short and very clear side trail that serves the summit. The summit has a concrete pillar, but no elevation data.
One may return the same way, however a nice option is to complete the traverse of this long hill, by hiking to the small place named Hok Tau. The trail is signed with this name. Follow the trail as it eventually bends a bit left, then descends steeply (good stone steps) to the valley floor. You arrive at a trail fork (level area), turn right here. This brings you to a small recreational area at location N22.49022, E114.18320, elevation about 120 meter. This is your exit trailhead. Keep right ín order to enter a narrow, paved road that runs along a small water reservoir, crossing a dam. Follow the road across a small local hill, then descending into a small community. There is a bus stop on your right hand side. This local bus (does not run very frequently) will take you to the Fanling MTR station. This is 2 stops away from Tai Po market where you started.
I travelled to Tai Po Market and found the bus stop without any problems. The bus left at 1000 and took about 40 minutes to get to Tai Mei Tuk. I left the main road too early and followed a not so good way to the trailhead. Finally there, I started along the proper trail at 1100. The first top was reached at 1150 and Shun Yueng at 1215. I was on top of Wong Leng by 1255 and decided to continue the traverse towards Hok Tau. Altogether a nice hike, I arrived at the exit trailhead around 1350, continued down the road and walked past the first bus stop. I finally stopped on a hilltop with a small traffic circle as two other people were waiting for the bus there. By now, the time was 1430. After this bus, two stops on the MTR, then my shuttle back to MayFair by the Sea, the time was now 1530.
This active day concluded with a 500 meter swim, a good sauna and later Heidi and I went for dinner at a restaurant located by the walking path along the sea side.