• Heimdalshø
  • 1843 m
  • Primary factor 673 m
  • Jotunheimen, Norway
  • Location: North 61:27.263, East 008:54.126
  • Climbed April 9. 1974.


How to get there: The natural starting point is the DNT hut Gjendesheim.
Route description: The mountain has a large slope facing the Gjendesheim area, many variatons are possible. We skied more or less directly to the summit from Gjendesheim.
Comments: I made this trip with my friend Jostein as part of a long ski trip from Styggevasshytta (near Jostedalsbreen) to my hut in Lillehammer. This day we started at Gjendesheim, rested at Osbukampen and ended (a long day) at the self service hut Storkvelvbu. We came upon a single, big reindeer bull at the very summit.