Pål Jørgen's Mountain Page.

Hi, welcome to my mountain page!

I am Pål Jørgen, I am an 20 year old Norwegian boy.

I like to climb mountains with my dad, so far I have been on 44 of Colorado's 53 (ranked) "fourteeners",
that is the mountains exceeding 14.000 feet and having a primary factor of at least 300 feet.

July 2009: 54 Ultra, 73 pf exceeding 1000m, 111 pf exceeding 600 meter.
July 2010: 63 Ultra, 83 pf exceeding 1000m, 121 pf exceeding 600 meter.

1Elbrus5642 m.August 5 2004Highest in Caucasus.
2Damavand5610 m.August 14 2007Highest in Iran.
3Ararat5137 m.August 9 2004Highest in Turkey.
4Margherita Peak5109 m.January 4. 2010Uganda HP.
5Mount Speke4890 m.January 2, 2010Rwenzori, Uganda.
6Mount Baker4844 m.January 5, 2010Rwenzori, Uganda.
7Dufourspitze4634 m.May 3 2008Highest in Switzerland.
8Mount Elbert4399 m.July 1997Highest in Colorado.
9Mount Massive4395 m.August 20 20002nd Highest in Colorado
10Mount Harvard4395 m.August 27 20003rd Highest in Colorado
Blanca Peak4372 m.June 13, 20014th Highest in Colorado
NRNorth Massive4371 m.August 20, 2000Soft rank
La Plata Peak4370 m.September 10 20005th Highest in Colorado
Crestone Peak4357 m.June 9, 20017th Highest in Colorado
Mount Lincoln4354 m.August 15 20008th highest in Colorado
Grays Peak4349 m.July 19979th Highest in Colorado
Mount Antero4349 m.March 29th 200110th Highest in Colorado, ski climb
Torreys Peak4349 m.July 199711th Highest in Colorado
Castle Peak4348 m.July 13, 200112th Highest in Colorado
Quandary Peak4348 m.November 20 200013th. in Colorado. On skis
Mount Evans4348 m.October 15 200014th. in Colorado, from Bierstadt
Mount Cameron4340 m.August 15, 2000No rank, small hump
Mount Shavano4337 m.May 20 200117th. , The Angel of Shavano.
Mount Belford4327 m.September 17 200018th in Colorado
Crestone Needle4327 m.June 10, 200119th in Colorado
Mount Princeton4327 m.June 14, 200120th in Colorado, Strong wind, 3rd try !
Mount Yale4327 m.April 29 200121th in Colorado
Mount Bross4320 m.August 15 200022nd in Colorado
Kit Carson Peak4317 m.July 3 200123rd in Colorado
Maroon Peak4315 m.July 16. 200224th in Colorado
Tabeguache Peak4314 m.May 20 200125th., Nice View!
Mount Oxford4313 m.September 17 200026th in Colorado
Mount Sneffels4313 m.July 12, 200127th in Colorado
Mount Democrat4312 m.August 15 200029th in Colorado
Capitol Peak4307 m.July 19, 2002Knife Edge !
Pikes Peak4301 m.May 13 200130th in Colorado
Snowmass Mountain4295 m.July 14, 200231th in Colorado
Mount Eolus4292 m.July 11, 200132nd in Colorado
Windom Peak4292 m.July 10, 200133rd in Colorado
Challenger Point4292 m.July 3, 200134th in Colorado
Mount Columbia4289 m.August 27 200035th in Colorado
Missouri Mountain4288 m.September 17 200036th in Colorado
Humboldt Peak4287 m.June 10, 200137th in Colorado
Mount Bierstadt4285 m.October 15 200038th in Colorado
Sunlight Peak4285 m.July 10, 200139th in Colorado
Conundrum Peak4285 m.July 13, 2001No rank, near Castle Peak
Handies Peak4282 m.July 7, 200140th in Colorado
NRNorth Eolus4279 m.July 11, 2001No rank, but a nice place.
Mount Sherman4278 m.February 25 200145th in Colorado
Redcloud Peak4278 m.July 6, 200146th in Colorado
Pyramid Peak4273 m.July 17th, 200247th in Colorado
50Wetterhorn Peak4272 m.July 5, 200149th in Colorado
San Luis Peak4271 m.July 4, 200150th. in Colorado
Huron Peak4268 m.April 28th 200153rd. in Colorado
Sunshine Peak4268 m.July 6, 200153rd. in Colorado
Point 137954205 m.July 7, 2001109th in Colorado, Near Handies
Bishorn4153 m.August 1999Family climb
Kings Peak4123 m.July 26, 2008Utah HP.
Barre des Ecrins4102 m.May 23, 2010Sharp ridge!
Apache Peak4097 m.September 23rd 20002nd in Indian Peaks.
Kinabalu4095 m.July 29, 2006Polished granite, Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo HP.
Sundog4094 m.July 6, 2000300rd in Colorado. Also "Point 13432"
Navajo Peak4087 m.October 1st 20003rd among Indian Peaks.
James Peak4052 m.November 4th 20005rd among the Indian Peaks.
Mount Audubon4030 m.September 2nd 2000Nice, afternoon walk.
Dome de Neige des Ecrins4015 m.July 13 2009No rank, Barre des Ecrins was the goal!!
Mount Eva4002 m.January 28th 2001My sister's name
SRWest of Ellingwood Point3993 m.June 12, 2001Ridge traverse to an unclimbed point?
Mount Toll3956 m.May 11. 2001Ski-climb, Indian Peaks, Colorado
Mount Peale3877 m.July 21, 2008Utah, USA.
Monte Viso3841 m.July 10, 2009Italy.
Grossglockner3798 m.August 10. 2005Highest in Austria.
Wildspitze3770 m.August 1999Highest in Tyrol
Gunung Rinjani3726 m.July 14. 2006Lombok HP.
Pico del Teide3718 m.March 2. 2004Tenerife HP, highest in Spain.
Sierra Blanca Peak3659 m.July 19. 2008New Mexico, USA.
Mount Nebo3636 m.July 23. 2008Utah, USA.
Tödi3614 m.July 16. 2009Switzerland.
Mount Timpanogos3581 m.July 24. 2008Utah, USA.
Cima Presanella3558 m.July 19. 2004Near Madonna di Campiglio, Italy.
Mount Ellen3512 m.July 22. 2008Utah, USA.
Mulhacén3479 m.December 20, 2003Highest in Sierra Nevada, Spain.
Telescope Peak 3368 m.July 1997Highest in Death Valley.
Marmolada3343 m.July 17. 2004Dolomites HP.
Etna3326 m.July 17. 2005Sicily HP.
Mount Graham3269 m.July 17. 2008Arizona, USA.
Lassen Peak3187 m.July 1997Volcano, last active 1921.
Cima Tosa3159 m.July 19 2009Italy.
Mount Washburn3119 m.June 1997Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
Pizzo Coca3050 m.July 21 2009Italy.
Chiricahua Peak2986 m.July 15. 2008Arizona, USA.
Zugspitze2962 m.August 8. 2005Highest in Germany.
Hochkönig2941 m.August 12. 2005Restaurant on top.
Schwarzhorn2928 m.July 1999Switzerland
Corno Grande2912 m.July 10, 2004Apennines, Italy
Wildgarst2892 m.July 1999Switzerland
Miller Peak2885 m.July 14. 2008Switzerland
Le Taillefer2857 m.July 12 2007France
Grande Tete de L'Obiou2790 m.July 11. 2007Rock-fall !!
Maja e Korabit2764 m.October 2. 2007Albania and Macedonia HP.
Pointe Percée2753 m.July 15. 2007Confused the two routes.
Colac2715 m.July 18. 2004Via Ferrata dei Finanzieri.
100Monte Cinto2706 m.July 11. 2005Corsica HP.
Maja Jezerce2693 m.October 1. 2007Albania.
Mt. Henkel2673 m.June 1997Glacier National Park, Montana.
Guadeloupe Peak2667 m.July 1993Highest in Texas.
Smolikas2637 m.July 14. 20102nd. highest in Greece.
Monte Rotondo2622 m.July 8. 2005Corsica.
Torsäule2588 m.August 12. 2005Beautiful peak.
Bear Peak2579 m.1983, 1997, 2000Boulder, Colorado.
Monte Camicia2564 m.July 11. 2004Gran Sasso, Italy.
Kaimaktsalan2528 m.July 13. 2010Greece.
Giona (Piramidha)2510 m.July 17. 2010Greece.
Green Mountain2482 m.August, 2000Boulder, Colorado.
Col Nudo2471 m.July 14. 2004Dolomites, Italy.
Galdhøpiggen2469 m.August 1998Highest in Norway.
Glittertind2464 m.Aug. 19912nd highest in Norway.
Grigna Settentrionale2410 m.July 18. 2007.Italy
NRSombrero de Chasna2405 m.March 6. 2004Family hike, Tenerife
Emery Peak2388 m.July 1993Highest in Big Bend, Texas.
Maja Valamara2373 m.October 4. 2007Albania.
Vesle Galdhøpiggen2369 m.May 18. 20026th highest in Norway.
La Tournette2351 m.July 14. 2007Tour de France..
Ellmauer Halt2344 m.August 13. 2005Via Ferrata route.
Storgjuvtinden2344 m.May 19. 200212th highest in Norway.
Store Knutsholstind2341 m.August 199813th highest in Norway.
Cima Dodici O Ferozzo2336 m.July 16. 2004Near Asiago, Italy.
Tjørnholstind2330 m.August 199816th highest in Norway.
Bukkehøi2314 m.May 19. 200217th highest in Norway.
Store Tverråtinden2309 m.May 20. 200218th highest in Norway.
Serra Dolcedorme2267 m.July 20. 2005Parco Nazionale del Pollino, Italy.
Monte Pollino2248 m.July 20. 2005Parco Nazionale del Pollino, Italy.
Mount Kosciuszko2228 m.July 2 2003Highest on the Australian continent.
Cima Undici2228 m.July 16. 2004Near Asiago, Italy.
Cima di Valdritta2218 m.July 20. 2004The highest summit of Monte Baldo, Italy.
Pointe d'Arcalod2217 m.July 13. 2007France
Mount Townsend2209 m.July 2 20032nd. highest in Australia
Harney Peak2207 m.June 1997Highest in South Dakota.
Rams Head2195 m.July 2 20034th. highest in Australia
NRNordre Knutsholstind2185 m.August 1998North of Store Knutsholstind
Serra del Prete2180 m.July 20. 2005Parco Nazionale del Pollino, Italy.
Rondeslottet2178 m.August 10 2003Highest in Rondane, Norway.
Monte Cimone2165 m.July 6 2007Italy.
Tjørnholsaksla2145 m.August 1998Southeast of Tjørnholstind
Storronden2138 m.August 10 20032nd. highest in Rondane, Norway.
Mount Sanitas2127 m.February 5th, 2001Boulder, Colorado.
Maja e Kendrevic¨e;s2121 m.October 5. 2007Albania.
Green Mountain2089 m.Many timesGreat run from Sverre's home.
Vinjeronden2044 m.March 7 2003High winds and winter
Radomir2031 m.July 12 2010Greece.
Mount Athos2030 m.July 6 2010Greece.
Clingman's Dome2025 m.July 1993Highest in Tennessee, 3rd. highest east of the Mississippi
Ø. Gråhøe2014 m.February 14 2004Oppland, Norway.
Blåhøe1959 m.February 14 2004Oppland, Norway.
150Pangaion1956 m.July 8. 2010Greece.
Gråhøe1945 m.February 14 2004Oppland, Norway.
Digerkampen1944 m.February 14 2004Oppland, Norway.
Torrecilla1919 m.November 21 2004Highest in Malaga, Spain.
Sierra de Lújar1878 m.December 21 2003South of Sierra Nevada, Spain.
Store Trolla1850 m.September 3 20051000 meter prominence in Southern Norway completed.
Såtbakkollen1840 m.October 5, 2006Sunndalen, Norway.
Nordre Slotthøa1837 m.October 6, 2006Møre og Romsdal, Norway.
Marmora1834 m.July 15, 2005Sardine HP.
Point 18121812 m.November 21 2004Malaga, Spain.
Breitinden1797 m.July 2 2009Norway.
Finnan1786 m.July 1 2009Norway.
Monte San Petrone1767 m.July 12, 2005Corsica.
Angel's Landing1765 m.July 1997Zion National Park, exposed.
Veslfjellet1763 m.August 1998The high end of Besseggen.
Kvitegga1717 m.May 30, 2003Møre High Point.
Ryssenipa1685 m.June 30, 2009Norway.
Baksafjellet1636 m.December 29, 2003Reminds me of my son.
Vassfjøra1633 m.December 28, 2003Kaldevass.
Eidshornet1629 m.May 29 2003Near Geiranger
Blåhø1617 m.March 3, 2006Oppland, Norway.
Sundfjordbjørnen1615 m.May 9, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Sundhellerskarvet1613 m.Oct. 1997Highest on Geiteryggen.
Fegari1611 m.July 10, 2010Greece.
Pourianos Stavros1610 m.July 18, 2010Home of the Centaurs.
Fedalsnibba1609 m.May 31, 2003Near Strynsvatnet.
Psili Korifi1589 m.July 15, 2010Greece.
Storfonn1587 m.November 6, 2003Magnificent view
Olsskavlen1576 m.January 21, 2007Test of repair kit, Hordaland Norway.
Botnafjellet1572 m.February 16 2003Magnificent view
Nordre Langsuen1553 m.February 1998Highest in Gausdal Vestfjell.
Melsnipa1547 m.May 8, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Skårasalen1542 m.May 1 2003Sunnmøre, Norway.
Blåegga1530 m.February 16 2003On the way to Botnafjellet.
Knutshøi1517 m.August 1998Scenic ridge, near Gjende Lake.
Grøndalsnipa1509 m.May 9, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Gottopphesten1492 m.May 9, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
SRSaueggi1488 m.May 8, 2004Soft Rank, Meneseggi traverse.
Eidskyrkja1482 m.May 3 2003Nice ski slopes! Møre, Norway.
N. of Melsnipa1446 m.May 8, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Kolåstinden1432 m.May 2, 2003Famous peak, Sunnmøre, Norway.
Melderskin1426 m.April 23, 2005Rosendal Alps, Norway.
Spåtind1414 m.12 timesSki climb, Oppland.
Harevollnipa1406 m.May 8, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Mount Sonder1380 m.July 22. 20034th. highest in the Northern Territory, Australia.
Finnbunuten1358 m.February 6. 2005Myrkdalen, Hordaland, Norway.
Vehuskjerringa1355 m.September 11. 2006Telemark, Norway.
Hjortahorgi1351 m.September 1998Highest between Voss and Hardanger.
Gygrastolen1345 m.May 5. 2002Fantastic mountain and weather
Dalegubben1344 m.October 7. 2006Sunnmøre, Norway.
Fuglafjellet1334 m.September 29, 2001Highest in Kvamskogen.
200Djuptjernkampen1325 m.March 24. 2005Great trip with PJ.
Fremstegretta1315 m.May 8, 2004Meneseggi traverse.
Kvittingen1299 m.January 19992nd. in Kvamskogen
Iendafjellet1260 m.September 29, 20013rd. Highest in Kvamskogen.
Midtfjell1255 m.October 27, 2002Struggle in the steep snow.
Ulvanosa1246 m.December 28, 2002Large primary factor.
Geitadalstind1210 m.December 28, 2002Twin summit.
Roan1191 m.April 10 2005Telemark, Norway
Snuen1179 m.3 timesGausdal Vestfjell, Norway
Smisetnebba1175 m.October 11, 2003Near Sunndalsøra, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
St. Mary Peak1171 m.July 14 2003Highest in Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
Høgahorgi1133 m.February 4, 2007Hordaland, Norway.
Mykletveitveten1131 m.February 11, 2007Hordaland, Norway.
Skåla1128 m.October 12, 2003Near Molde, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
Ormtjernkampen1123 m.April 1995, 2002Ski climb, Oppland.
Norway's highest growing spruce forest.
Skjervungen1098 m.April 1967Traditional ski climb.
Yr Wyddfa1085 m.July 1996Snowdon, highest in Wales.
Hamlagrøhornet1080 m.February 11, 2007Hordaland, Norway.
Gråhorgi1074 m.January 25, 2004Bergsdalen, Norway.
Myssmørhelje1072 m.OftenNear Åltjern, Norway.
Prestkjerringa1065 m.AlwaysNear Sisukla, Norway.
Vesoldo1046 m.November 1, 2003Sea level start. Hordaland, Norway.
SRHærfjellet1024 m.OftenNear Verskei, Norway.
Kjettberget1016 m.OftenOppland, Norway.
Gulfjellet987 m.6 timesHighest point in Bergen.
Scafell Pike978 m.July 1996Highest in England.
Mount Ohlssen Bagge942 m.July 13 2003South Australia.
Høgafjellet868 m.March 23 2003HP on Osterøy, Hordaland, Norway.
Uluru865 m.July 18 2003Most famous rock in Australia.
Grytenuten863 m.March 6 2005Lots of bad ski terrain.
Brøknipa822 m.December 14 2003Storm on the summit.
Våganipen819 m.November 9 2003Nice view.
Austlirinden808 m.Many timesNear Gulfjellet.
Hausdalshorga779 m.January 23 2005Nice peak on Gulfjellet.
San Marino755 m.July 13 2004Worlds oldest free republic..
Livarden683 mSeveral timesVisible from our kitchen.
Ulriken673 m.Several timesA local mountain.
Gorda Peak457 m.December 5 2002British Virgin Islands.
Gibraltar416 m.November 20 2004Famous Rock.
Lyderhorn396 mMany timesBergen, Norway.
239Cook's Look359 m.June 24 2003Great Barrier Reef.

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