Sagtinden (Trolltinden)

  • Sagtinden (Trolltinden)
  • 2018 m
  • Primary factor 788 m
  • Rondane, Norway
  • Location: North 61.91909, East 009.70779 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2+
  • Climbed August 1. 2013


How to get there:
This mountain can most conveniently be climbed from the DNT hut Rondvassbu. In order to get there, find the exit from Hwy. E-6 about 800 meter south of Otta (the intersection of E-6 with Hwy. 15), signed for Mysusæter. Drive to Mysusæter, then continue a few kilometer on a toll road (NOK 20. in 2013) to the large parking area at Spranget, location N61.83500, E009.73118, elevation about 1090 meter.
From Spranget, one can walk along a nice dirt road to Rondvassbu, about 6 kilometer, this takes approximately one hour keeping a good walking pace. One may also call Rondvassbu and reserve a bike, many bikes are available at Spranget, this service was priced at NOK 100. in 2013.
Route description:
From Rondvassbu, first follow the road a few hundred meter, then cut across to the bridge that connects across the main river (draining lake Rondevatnet). Continue on the trail that serves Veslesmeden until reaching elevation 1350 meter. Here, a smaller trail forks left, traversing south of Svarthammaren. Follow this trail into Kaldbekkbotn, below the south face of Storesmeden, then more steeply up to the 1750 meter col immediately west of Storesmeden.
From here, ascend the small top (about 1880m) directly west, located between the 1996 meter summit of Steet (south) and point 1897 on the ridge (north). One may also traverse north of this hump, more directly to a local col at approximately 1810 meter, however, the terrain along the ridges are better than the loose traverse.
Either way, from this local col, follow the top of the ridge (YDS 2+, north) to point 1897. From here, one may as well continue along the top ridge to the deepest col, roughly 90 meter below, this ridge is not difficult.
A very clear climbers trail traverses left (into the west face) from here. Follow this trail as it traverses several gullies before reaching a corner with a somewhat fancy, small cairn. Turn right and head uphill (marked with small cairns) from here on mostly solid rock. When gaining the main ridge, turn left and follow this to the summit.
This mountain is now (officially) named Trolltinden. The old name, reflecting the long and sawtooth like ridge, is still in use and seems more appropriate. There are many Trolltinden in Norway, however, I have no first hand information about the rationale to make such a name change.

Pål Jørgen and I started from Rondvassbu at 0845 and arrived at the summit by 1230. The view was quite good despite a generally overcast day. One can see all the other 2000 meter summits of Rondane from this summit. We retraced our route back to the col with Storesmeden, leaving Sagtinden at 1245. After a brief rest in that col, where we started to see other people for the first time, we climbed Storesmeden, arriving at the summit by 1500. This summit offers a nice view back at Sagtinden, but also a very clear view of Rondeslottet, Vinjeronden and Storronden. Leaving at 1515, we traversed the ridge connecting to Veslesmeden, arriving there at 1630. Leaving at 1645, we were back at Rondvassbu by 1815.