• Kinnkjølen
  • 848 m
  • Primary factor 510 m
  • Gausdal, Norway
  • Location: North 61.17223, East 010.22303 (GPS on summit)
  • March 26. 2018
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
Drive to Forset in Vestre Gausdal. Immediately south of the bridge (across the main river) turn left (if you just crossed the bridge) and follow the main road south as it climbs the hillside. Fork left for Rindåsen and follow the road to its end (in winter). There is parking here and groomed ski tracks continue. Self serve toll, pay NOK 50 in 2018. This location is N61.16767, E010.18883, elevation about 750 meter.
Follow the groomed tracks as they climb a long, but gentle hill. Near the top, the ski tracks fork. Take the left branch. Follow this track as it winds its way with many turns. If the skiing is good, one may short-cut directly towards the summit point. Following the ski track in a big arc, one gets to location N61.17148, E010.22273, elevation around 840 meter. Leave the track here (go right) and locate the highest point in the first small hill with many good sized trees around.
We needed some supplies and the weather was not as expected, it was snowing while our forecast said sun. We drove to the parking and skied along the track until it seemed to continue the wrong way. We then cut across and located a small top that seemed to be the highest locally. The trip had taken us 30 minutes. Next, we also visited the second highest point (according to the map). It was very similar and my GPS, quite consistently, showed it to be 2 meter lower. We then returned to the car. the whole trip about 1:15. Thanks to Pål Jørgen who came along.