• Krossfjellet
  • 287 m
  • Primary factor 154 m
  • Meland, Norway
  • Location: North 60.53884, East 005.21265 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed: September 13. 2014


How to get there:
From Bergen, drive north on E-39. Cross the large floating bridge, then immediately, exit right following signs for Holsnøy. You cross a second bridge, then again immediately turn right, sign for Ådland. Drive this way (Hwy. 245) about 2.4 kilometer. At location N60.54440, E005.22257, there is parking for one car on and old access road to a (utility?) building. There is a road forking left and going uphill on the opposite side.
Route description:
A round-trip will be described. It is perhaps slightly easier to follow this route if taken clock-wise, as will be described here. Obviously, one may also follow this route in the opposite direction.
This mountain also has trails starting from the farm Øvre Sagstad and from Meland.
Walk back along the raod you drove, 240 meter. You will locate a sign pointing right, this is location N60.54322, E005.22630, elevation about 35 meter. Follow this trail, initially an old road that bends left. It turns into a trail and climbs next to a small creek. Continue to follow this, sometimes a bit rough trail to the summit.
From the summit, follow a bigger trail more north-west. It will soon reach a signed fork where the trail to Øvre Sagstad goes left. Go right and, after a short hike, locate a second signed fork. Here, Meland is left while Moldekleiv is right. Go right and descend to a farm while crossing two gates. You are now at the alternate trailhead, location N60.54553, E005.20930, elevation about 100 meter, at the very end of a small, paved road. Follow this road back to the parking.
I wanted to do a short, Saturday afternoon hike. I left at 1415 and arrived at the summit after 35 minutes. Nice view back to the big floating bridge. Also, the local top Gaustadfjellet could be seen. I returned along the other trail and reached my car around 1535.