Huerfano Peak

  • Huerfano Peak
  • 4215 m.
  • Primary factor 210 m.
  • 93rd. in Colorado
  • Location: North 37:36.03, West 105:26.86
  • Climbed August 24, 2002


How to get there: See the information under Mount Lindsey.
Route description: The first part of the route is identical to the route from the trailhead to the ridge connecting Mount Lindsey and the Iron Nipple. See under Mount Lindsey for this.
From the ridge connecting the Iron Nipple (left) with Mount Lindsey (right), one can see Huerfano Peak as it gradually rises, just beyond and to the right of the Iron Nipple. Head towards the Iron Nipple, climb between interesting rock formations, there are now two possible routes. One can descend a bit and cross the talus field south-east of the Iron Nipple, then ascend the broad ridge of Huerfano, or one can simply climb the Iron Nipple, then descend along the highest ridge connecting it with Huerfano Peak. I tried both alternatives and prefer the latter choice. Traversing the Nipple has the advantage that one can hike on the higher part of the ridge system, this area has generally good footing, stable rocks and patches of grass. The sloping talus field on the other hand is generally unpleasant to hike, especially the section below the Iron Nipple. Traversing the Iron Nipple has the additional bonus that one should hike/climb the few meters to its true summit, either going or coming. The short ridge to the summit of the Iron Nipple has a mini "knife edge" with some exposure, but perfectly easy to traverse. The view of the upper Huerfano Valley is very nice, the Iron Nipple has a significant drop to the north.
After a short descent from the Iron Nipple to its low saddle with Huerfano Peak, one can hike leisurely along the broad top ridge to the summit. The summit itself is on a curved arch of a slightly more well defined ridge. There is a trail register. You will find fewer visits than to the better known Lindsey near by.
Comments: I did this climb with Arnt Flatmo. We hiked from Lindsey to Huerfano with a traverse below the Iron Nipple. On the return hike we traversed the Iron Nipple and visited its interesting summit.