• Vierramvare
  • 1711 m
  • Primary factor 186 m
  • Location: North 67:52.950, East 018:29.671 (GPS at the summit)
  • Saddle: To Kebnekaise, interpolated to 1525 meter
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2.
  • Climbed August 5, 2005.


How to get there: See the description under Kebnekaise.
Route description: The west route to Kebnekaise crosses this peak slightly east of the summit at elevation 1719 meter. There is a large "forest" of small cairns (built by hundreds of hikers over time) at this location. Leave the trail and hike 170 meter west on almost level ground to collect this "bonus peak".
Comments: This peak was engulfed in fog when I crossed it on my way back from Kebnekaise to the Kebnekaise hut. I left the trail and located the highest point (with a cairn), then resumed my return hike. It takes about ten minutes extra to collect this peak. My map (scale 1:100.000) did not specify the elevation of the peak, however, the GPS was turned on for a prolonged period as I hiked from the trail to the summit and back. It gave an elevation of 1726 meter at the summit to be compared with 1719 meter at the trail highpoint. The corresponding measurement at the summit of Kebnekaise was 2109 meter. However, a Swedish map with 10 meter contours (provided by Arnt Flatmo) gives a summit elevation of only 1711 meter. I have never seen a 15 meter difference between a correct map elevation of a summit and the GPS reading, thus there is some reason to suspect that this map elevation may be wrong.