• Babadag
  • 1969 m
  • Primary factor 1763 m
  • Turkey
  • Location: North 36.53017, East 029.18089 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed July 4. 2016.


How to get there:
First locate the town of Fethiye, locaated between Mugla and Kas, on the coast, just west of the southern part. Driving towards Kas (that is west), turn south on a traffic light at location N36.64878, E029.18502. Follow the main road, heading south-west, actually passing through a part of the town. Turn left again at a traffic light on location N36.63016, E029.14565. Follow this road, signed with a "D". It will eventually climb a pretty long uphill. Soon after this hill, when the road is somewhat more level, take the left fork where the road splits into two. Continue along this main road until you get to location N36.56980, E029.14680. Turn left in this intersection. This is the beginning of the summit road. Continue straight uphill passing several (new) houses, then the road changes to nice gravel. Higher up, there is an official entrance station with a gate. It seems to be open at normal (day) hours.
The road now climbs in hair-pin curves and soon changes back to concrete. One may typically be able to pass cars coming opposite, but be careful as there are some narrow spots. The road reaches an area with parking at location N36.53932, E029.14680, elevation about 1710 meter. Most traffic stops here, this is a very popular starting point for para-gliders. The road continues, quite exposed and somewhat more narrow to a small col just beyond the main summit. A few cars can park here. One may also make a sharp right turn and drive all the way up to the summit.
Route description:
See above, this is a drive-up mountain.
I left our hotel in Kas around 1300 and drove without any navigational issues, essentially all the way to this summit. The last part of this road is quite exposed and experience from Norwegian, west coast roads was most likely helpful. I arrived shortly before 1500, parked in the very last col and strolled up to the summit. One may walk a little past the summit to a somewhat better viewpoint. From here, one can look directly down to the coast, but also nicely back down to the town of Fethiye.
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