Aonach Mhòr

  • Aonach Mhòr
  • 1960 m.
  • Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland
  • Location: North 76.43570, West 26.21223
  • Climbed May 26th 2000


How to get there: The summit is located at 76.26.142 north, 26.12.734 west, this is a GPS measurement at the summit.
Route description: North-west face (quite at the north end) to the main summit ridge, then up and along to the summit which is at the opposite end.
Comments: This was a first ascent, a cairn was built. I climbed to the high point at the north end of the main ridge on May 23rd, but decided to leave the climb for a later day with company. As it turned out the ridge traverse and the final climb (which looked a bit technical from the distance) were easy and I could (should?) have done it when visiting the first time. The scenery and the traverse were both very nice, a peak that can be recommended.