Nordre Langsuen

  • Nordre Langsuen
  • 1553 m
  • Primary factor 403 m
  • Gausdal Vestfjell, southeast of Jotunheimen
  • Location: North 61:18.769, East 009:23.027
  • Climbed in February 1998.


How to get there: We started from the DNT self service hut of Haldorbu, there are several other possible starting points.
Route description: We skied from Haldorbu north and climbed Hyllefjellet, which is right below South Langsuen. From there we descended into the saddle between South and North Langsuen, and climbed onto the south ridge of North Langsuen, which we followed, keeping right below the ridgeline until we'd zig-zagged onto the summit plateau.
From the summit we followed the main ridge north for a bit more than one kilometer, before turning right and descending the northeast face of Langsuen down to Raudgrovtjønn (1259m). From here we skied for about 3 kilometers to Storkvelvbu (another DNT hut), the route is obvious if you use a map and compass.
Comments: We climbed this mountain as a part of a five day trip from our cabin in Lillehammer.
At the summit we were hit by a storm, and the last few kilometers to Storkvelvbu it was hard to keep on one's feet because of the wind.
The view from the summit was exceptional.