Sunset Peak

  • Sunset Peak
  • 869 m
  • Primary factor 539 m
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Location: North 22.25729, East 113.95288
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed October 12, 2019


How to get there:
The best starting point may be the last stop, Tung Chung, on the metro line to Lantau island, however a ferry from central Hong Kong to Mui Wo (from Pier 6) is also a good option.
Route description:
I started at Mui Wo and ended in Tung Chung, so this will be described. From the ferry, head uphill (side walk on the right) along the main Hwy. that heads south-west. After about 2 kilometer you will see the trailhead on your right. Big signs and some facilities. From here, follow signs for Sunset Peak. There are many stone steps as the trail climbs to a saddle at 610 meter of elevation. From here, the trail continues a gradual climb, but now on the north side of the main crest. You will pass a trail fork, well sign posted, where left heads down towards Tung Chung, continue left. The trail now gains the main crest, then heads south-west while by-passing Sunset Peak on the (left) south side. Look for a pretty obvious smaller (no signs!) trail that forks right in order to climb the peak. Follow this to the summit. There is a big summit marker as well as a summit sign.
The route down to Tung Chung runs down another set of stone steps, then exits onto a small road that is closed to motor vehicles. Follow this road left. It eventually hits a set of bigger roads in Tung Chung. Locate a pretty visible pedestrian walkway (on a bridge structure), follow this as it eventually turns left and exits on the main plaza in town. The MTR station called Tung Chung is located here. (Reverse this if starting here,)
I left pretty late after a good breakfast, took the 27A mini-bus to Sha Tin, then the blue, green and red line to Central Hong Kong. A short walk brought me to Pier 6 where I got the ferry to Mui Wo. I started walking around 1215, and arrived at the trailhead at 1250. From here, a nice trail with many steps led almost all the way to the summit. It was 32C warm and it felt like walking in a sauna. A steady uphill with a strong sun hitting you. I forked off the main trail in the obvious place and arrived at the summit at 1415. Leaving at 1430, I walked back to the fork that had a trail descending towards Tung Chung. Again, many steps, but downhill. I came out at some sort of trailhead by a small road with no motor vehicles. Hiking along this road brought me back to Tung Chung. ┬┤There a man told me that the metro was closed down due to the current demonstrations/disturbances, however this was fortunately not true. I got onto a train and 4 trains and a bus later, I arrived back home at 1730. '