• Holmanuten
  • 1399 m
  • Primary factor 429 m
  • Location: North 59.76030, East 006.74502 (GPS on the summit)
  • Location: Hordaland, Norway
  • Climbed January 22. 2017.
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2.


How to get there:
A good point of reference is the village Røldal located along the main Hwy. E-134 connecting Haugesund to the eastern part of Norway. Two roads run south from Røldal, Hwy. 520 and Hwy. 13. In summer, Hwy. 520 is a good access to climb the mountain from the north side. This road is closed in winter. Thus, for an ascent in January, an alternative is Hwy. 13. Drive to the end of the lake, continue, first on the left side, then on the right hand side of the river. There is a small access road forking right that may not even be plowed in the winter. This location is N59.72432, E006.72889, elevation about 360 meter. Find parking off the main Hwy. here.
Route description:
Ski up the small access road to the river. I crossed this river (at least two bridges), then proceeded uphill in zig-zags between many trees. Cumbersome skiing. As you get into thinner vegetation continue more right, ie. towards the center of the valley. Above 700 meter of elevation, you leave the trees behind. Continue up the middle of the valley Hegerlandsdalen. You will have the local top marked 977 m on your right side. Turn right and ski into the very distinct, small valley that branches right (east) at around 900 meter. This is south of the local summit marked 1043. When you reach a small lake, location N59.74125, E006.72962, turn left and ski uphill following a natural route/gully. Ascend about 100 vertical meter to location N59.74528, E006.73255.
Continue more level, north to a distinct lake located at elevation 1040 meter. Going north from here, you will note the slope ahead that ends in a pretty steep gully, a small creek is running down here in summer. This gully can be skied, after the steepish section, more gently, then a new, short step before you approach steeper cliffs at elevation 1240 meter. Turn sharply right and ski below the steeper terrain until you turn to the south-east side of the mountain. This location is close to N59.75391, E006.74553, elevation near 1260 meter. From here, one may follow more gentle slopes north until one is very close to the summit. There is a final, small cliff that is perhaps best crossed on foot, depending on the snow conditions. The summit itself is a rather small bump on this highest ridge.
I had stayed at the DNT hut Haukeliseter the previous night. This hut has full hotel standard and serves a high class, 3 course dinner. On my way home to Bergen, I wanted to try this mountain, since it is located very far away from Bergen, but figures on the list of the 100 most prominent peaks in Hordaland.
ยจ I started out from my car at 0930. The terrain was somewhat complex with lots of trees and steep enough to require careful uphill skiing finding what looked like the best route along the way. This part of the ascent took place in fog, ie. a cloud I was quite happy when the trees became thinner and the terrain more open and skier friendly. Moreover, it was clear that I had climbed up and out of the cloud.
The next section of the trip had sunshine and good visibility, but it was evident that another cloud was about to settle around the very summit. Higher up, the snow got very icy and I was happy to have my crampons. At elevation about 1260 meter, I decided to leave my skis and carry out what remained of the ascent on foot. I arrived at the summit around 1300 and stayed around for about 10 minutes. The sun could be seen through the local cloud, the weather remained ok, but with somewhat limited visibility.
I walked back down to my skis, the steepish gully did not invite to pleasant skiing, I therefore kept my crampons until below the steepest part of it. A section of skiing followed. Further down among the birchtrees and with a pretty steep slope, I decided to walk downslope the final part. This time, crampons were not needed as my skiing boots would dent the snow surface here, exceptionally even step through the surface for a deeper step. I was back down by my car at 1530. Quite happy to successfully have climbed this rather far away (from Bergen) mountain that ranks among the more prominent in Hordaland.
It was time to drive home in order to make a nice evening meal that Heidi had prepared with her normal expertise.