• Storvasstinden
  • 1180 m
  • Prominence 811 meter
  • Location: North 67.87768, East 015.60166 (GPS on the summit)
  • Steigen, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed July 1. 2021.


How to get there:
This peak is a bit inaccessible from roads, but a very good trailhead can be reached by boat. A good approach is to stay at Vevelstad Gjestegård, rent a boat there and use it to get to the small place Aursletta at the innermost part of the fjord named Visten. Vevelstad is located along Hwy. 17, just south of the ferry connection to Tjøtta.
Route description:
First, go by boat in the long fjord Visten, you pass a narrow section and continue into the inner Visten. There is a small floating pier, leave your boat there, be certain to ask permission in advance. (Ask the party that rents you the boat.) This location is N65.63143, E012.74717.
Walk uphill, slightly left and find the local forest road that heads gently uphill and into the forest. Follow this road until you arrive at a road fork at location N65.62805, E012.72246, elevation approximately 50 meter. Take the left fork, this road ends very shortly, a small trail continues into the little valley. As you face up this small valley, ascend the ridge on your right hand side. Follow along the top of this ridge, the terrain is open and hiking here is easy.