• Nonshøa
  • 1529 m
  • Primary factor 209 m
  • Location: Storli, Trollheimen, Trøndelag
  • Location: North 62.66225, East 009.02635
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed: May 1. 2022


How to get there:
From Oppdal (located on E-6) about 110 km south of Trondheim, turn onto Hwy. E-70 towards Sunndalsøra. Drive about 20 kilometer, then turn right at Lønset. This road serves Storlidalen. Drive this road to the big parking area at Storli, this is the end of the road that is kept open all winter. The location is N62.69279, E009.09564.
Head south, then south-west towards Grugguskaret, this is directly below the summit on the east side. Ascend very gently to about 1200 meter of elevation. Turn right (north-west) and continue up the ridge, slightly steeper near the end to a small, local hump. From here, the final summit ridge extends due west. This ridge is never narrow and a very short, steeper section is about 30 degrees. You will arrive at a small cairn, then locate the highest point a short distance more, on your right side. Some remains of a cairn may be seen here.
I was visiting my friend Jostein to see his new mountain house located at the upper end of the Storli valley. The day was just gorgeous, quite different from the grey forecast. I skied across the first meadow near Jostein's hut, got a full view of Nonshøa and immediately decided that this would be my goal for the day.
I made the summit after 2.5 hours. A good long break with super views in all directions, followed. I subsequently skied back down in about one hour. The downhill part of this trip would have been excellent with randonne skis, pretty good also with my mountain skis!