• Skorseteggi
  • 972 m
  • Primary factor 354 m
  • Location: Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60.74224 East 006.53750 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed February 8, 2015
  • Difficulty YDS class 2


How to get there:
This mountain is just north of Voss, on the east side of Hwy. E-16. Locate the gas-station on the right hand side of E-16 a bit north of Voss. Drive east just south on the first road south (on the Voss side) of this location. Continue north-east on the south side of lake Lønavatnet. Turn right and drive up to Nordheim, then continue north and higher to the farm named Øvre Lemme. Look for a sign for parking on the left hand side of the road a bit before you arrive at Øvre Lemme. Park here. Alternatively, continue to Øvre Lemme and ask the people there if they can tell you where to park. This is the trailhead, location N60.67847, E006.51573, elevation about 450 meter.
Route description:
As it turned out, quite a few people live in this area, thus a well developed ski track could be found. This track runs up on the farming fields on the right side of the mountain road, then follows the road up to the mountain farm area named Liaset.
From Liaset, continue up along gentle slopes to the summiit of Kolingseggi, 941 meter. From here, continue along a very gentle downhill to the local saddle just SE of the lake Skorsetvatnet. From here, climb the final hill, first across or near the local summit 965m, then onwards to the highest point at 972 meter.
This was a trip organized by the Mountaineering club in Bergen, Bergen Fjellsport. I was guide and 6 participants signed up, 2 women and 4 men. We drove from Bergen around 0900 and arrived at the trailhead about 1100. We got permmission to park at the local farm and we started skiing at 1115.
After skiing past Liaset, we continued across Kolingseggi, then took our lunch break in the saddle SE of lake Skorsetvatnet (861m). The time was now approximately 1330. Next, we skied the final short distance to the summit. The weather was quickly changing between poor visibility and more clear views, at the same time the wind at the summit was much stronger than the forecast. We were on top at 1400, then turned back and skied along easy terrain back to Liaset.
There, we met a group from Voss Utferdslag, nice to see more mountain people out skiing on this day with somewhat mixed weather.
A quick run down the final stretch and were back by the car before 1600.