Rocca Busambra

  • Rocca Busambra
  • 1613 m
  • Prominence 1048 m
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2.
  • Location: Sicily
  • Location: North 37.85563, East 13.39441 (GPS)
  • Climbed: June 14, 2022


How to get there:
The trailhead is located on a dirt road east of the peak. This dirt road can be driven from the south as well as from the north side. The village Godrano on the north side, may serve as a good reference. This is south of Palermo. The location of the trailhead is N37.85906, E13.42162, elevation near 1025 meter. There is a trail sign right next to the road at this location. One may park parallel to the road here.
A quick summary of the peaks climbed in Italy 2022.
Head up a wide and well marked trail starting next to the sign at the roadside. This trail has a short steeper section where a fence blocks the trail. The fence may be passed on the left side. Continue up the trail until a new sign for Rocca Busambra points to your right. Continue across the grass, you should find a point where a fence may be crossed (open a small gate) at location N37.85297, E13.42054, elevation near 1200 meter. Follow a small trail in the grass from this crossing, it will lead you to a new fence with another gate. Continue along the trail on the uphill side. The trail is vague and may easily be lost in the grass. Head directly uphill, stay close to the steeper right hand side. Eventually, walk on the top ridge as you close in on the steeper cliff up front on your right. A third fence has a hole in it, there is red color to identify, also, the small trail heads directly to this hole. Ascend slightly on the upper side, then traverse below the main crest on its left side. A trail runs here, but it may be hard to follow. Eventually, this trail heads more uphill and it will arrive back on the main crest just west of the east summit point. From here, it is a short walk (right) to the east summit. The west summit is also easily reached across more grass.
The two summits appear quite close in elevation, so it is a good idea to visit both.
I left Susafa after breakfast and made a stop in the village Valledormo where an ARD discount store provided water as well as Pepsi Max. The driving route was quite long and ended with a pretty long dirt road. I decided to explore an alternative route for my return drive.
I parked at the trailhead around 1115 and was ready to hike by 1130. The trail was good until a sign directed me across grass, then halted by a fence that seemed tricky to climb. I walked left along this fence and soon discovered a gate/crossing. A small trail continued and got me to a second fence, this time at a proper place to cross.
The grass was full of plants that would stick to my socks and boots. Also sharp needles leaving marks on my legs. I soon decided that long pants would have been better, but no such option today - I had shorts and my legs would have to suffer a bit.
I located the trail that climbed the south face of the mountain, arriving quite close to its east summit. I continued to the west summit, arriving there at 1245. A good rest with some nice views. The north side of this mountain is a near vertical cliff.
I walked back across the east summit, then followed the ridge to the main saddle before a final hump. Descending here was reasonable and I was soon back on the trail used earlier. The rest of the descent was easy and I was back at my car at 1430.
I continued across on the dirt road and came through the village of Godrano. The mountain looks pretty impressive from this location. I continued to the coast, then along main highways back towards Susafa where Heidi had enjoyed another sunny day.