Arc Dome

  • Arc Dome
  • 3588 m
  • Primary factor 1595 m
  • Nevada, USA
  • Location: North: 38:49.961, West: 117:21.183 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed October 16. 2005.
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1.


How to get there: I drove from Austin, Nevada, directly south-west to the Columbine trailhead. Austin is a rather small town along Hwy.50 that runs east-west across Nevada.
Coming from the west, a good point of reference is the town of Fallon at the intersection of Hwy. 95 (north-south) and Hwy. 50 (east-west). Proceed about 46 miles east from Fallon along Hwy. 50 to West Gate, from where you locate Hwy. 361 going south. Follow Hwy. 361, about 30 miles south, where Hwy. 844 goes left (east). This is just north of Gabbs. Drive Hwy. 844 east towards Berlin, but make a left and continue north-east to the town of Ione before getting all the way to Berlin. There is a clear sign at this place. The distance from Hwy. 361 to Ione is 22 miles. Continue east from Ione, climbing across a low pass of the Shoshone Mountains and to a very small place called Reese River. Reese River is about 8 miles from Shoshone. At Reese River, turn left (north), then immediately right (east) and continue on a paved road LESS than one mile, where a dirt road named "Road 119" forks right. There are signs for Columbine Campground and/or Stewart Creek (This is essentially the same place). The distance to Columbine is now about 5 more miles. Follow signs that say "road 119" or Columbine or Stewart Creek. Shortly before arrival, the road descends a small slope and crosses the creek (no bridge), in dry periods ordinary cars may get across here. In mid October 2005, there was enough water to be concerned unless you drove a high clearance 4WD. The road continues gently uphill, there are a few campsites on your left before the final stretch of road takes you into a somewhat narrow valley with the Columbine Campground. This campground is rather small, 3-4 parties (cars) can be accommodated. This is the trailhead, elevation 2619 meter, location N38:54.015, W117:22.602.
Route description: The trail starts directly from the higher part of the circular campground road. Initially, it heads up a distinct, small hill, the enters a level section of the valley with nice aspen trees. A few smaller trails fork left, ignore them and gradually climb as the trail finds its way up a right fork and into a small basin that drains into the main valley. There is a fence up here (protecting the meadow?) with an open gate. Proceed along the trail and cross a small creek before climbing more distinctly to a small ridge above. The route from the valley and up to this point can be seen on a picture below.
From here, the trail is again more gentle, a few smaller trails fork off to your right, ignore these, always stay left and follow the two parallel tracks from an old jeep road. This trail traverses on the big slope coming down from the unnamed mountain north of Arc Dome.
Eventually, the trail arrives at the huge summit plateau area and makes a large right arc in order to approach the saddle connecting this mountain to Arc Dome. Descend to the saddle (elevation 3262 meter, location N38:50.544, W117:20.937) and climb Arc Dome on a very good zig-zag path that more or less follows the south ridge.
Comments: I started at 0600 and made the summit at 0850. I enjoyed the solitude and views from this very nice peak until leaving at 0910. I visited the summit (Bonus mountain) of the mountain directly to the north at 1010 and likewise spent 20 minutes there before returning to the car at 1150. You can read a more detailed trip report. The N5 trip now proceeded to climb the Unnamed Peak directly north of Arc Dome.