• Torsnuten
  • 1572 m
  • Primary factor 389 m
  • Highest on North Folgefonnen glacier
  • Location: North N60.28163, E006.52999 (GPS on the summit)
  • Climbed 14. June 2020.


How to get there:
One may access this peak from Nå in Sørfjorden. Alternatively, from Jondal via the road to Bottsvatnet, 667m, or from the road that serves the summer ski area also above Jondal. From Bergen, the easiest way to Jondal is Hwy. 7 to Norheimsund, then go south on Hwy. 49 to Tørvikbygd and catch a ferry from there to Jondal. If you need accommodation in Jondal, then the place Folgefonn Gjestetun is highly recommended.
Route description:
This route starts at the Folgefonna summer ski area. First, ski to the top of the lift (or take the lift). Next, ski east until you reach about 1570 meter of elevation. Continue horizontally, you will pass close to the highest visible rock on your left hand side. Descend on gentle slopes just west of the point Rjuven, 1569m, towards the point 1488 m. A narrow gully descends between these two locations. Do not descend this gully, rather cross on top near point 1488m, then descend the slightly steep, but smooth ridge directly towards lake 1351m, below. The ridge is wide enough to allow a zig-zag route down. Do not continue all the way to the lake, but rather make an ascending traverse on the west side of this lake. You will reach pretty level ground, continue straight north to reach the rounded bowl south of lake Revavatnet, 1168m. Descend about 200 meter, a nice slope for skiing, bear right lower down and reach Reiseteskaret. A steep summer trail, improved by stone steps laid by Sherpas from Nepal, ascends to here from Reisete.(Access from Nå at Sørfjorden.) Continue up the nice, natural ramp that gives access to the terrain further north. Next, cross the more gentle terrain towards Torsnuten, move to its south-west side where you may gain access to a pretty obvious route that bypasses cliffs and connects to a flat area south of the summit. From here, one can easily gain the summit with or without skis depending on the snow cover.
I did this trip with my friend Eric. We had skied in the summer ski center on the Folgefonna glacier on Saturday, spent a nice evening and night in Jondal, this Sunday we wanted to pay a visit to Torsnuten. We took the lift on a single ride deal, then started skiing at 0920. The weather was nice, but not as perfect as the forecast had promised 2 days earlier. We had a nice ski to the key saddel, Reiseteskaret, then up the obvious ramp at the north side. There was less snow than expected, but enough to ski uninterrupted to the base of the peak. Here, I explored a route left, then into the top section of a small valley. Ascending on skis again a bit left, then sharply right got us to a flat, wide ledge that could be skied across to its east side. With slightly more snow we could have completed the climb with skis. However, today it was best to leave the skis here and continue a few hundred meter on foot, in order to reach the big cairn. We arrived at 1220, so 3 hours.
We had a nice 50 minute break at the summit. Good views around in all directions. The return trip went smoothly following the same route back, arriving shortly after 1615. This trip concluded my skiing season in Hordaland this year.