Beroch Wuha

  • Beroch Wuha
  • 4272 m
  • Primary factor 142 m
  • Ethiopia
  • Location: North 13.31505, East 038.25240 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed February 27. 2019.


How to get there:
See the description for Inatye.
Route description:
One may ascend directly up from our camp area, or coming from the saddle towards Silki, a short and gentle ascent.
This was our final peak in the Simien mountains. We had been trekking for 6 days and seen a good mix of peaks, landscapes and local, high altitude farming.
We descended from the peak East of Silki, the same way as Denise and I had ascended. We next followed a clear trail that traversed (left) towards the saddle that separates Beroch Wuha from Silki. However, the general opinion was that this trail descended a bit too much, thus we left the trail and stayed a bit higher. The terrain was easy to hike anyway. After a short rest near the saddle, we soon arrived on the top of Beroch Wuha. There are two points of (near) identical elevation. A rock outcrop somewhat left (when coming from the saddle) or a flat area with some smaller scattered rocks.
We enjoyed the view back down to camp as well as good weather on this, our last summit of the day and also of our 2-week trip. The descent was easy and we returned back to the tents around 1715, roughly 9 hours after we left with Silki as our first and primary goal.