• Dalsnibba
  • 1476 m.
  • Primary factor 166 m.
  • Location: Geiranger, Norway
  • Location: North 62.04867, East 007.26921 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed on September 1. 2017.


How to get there:
This is one of relatively few drive-up summits in Norway. Take the Hwy. connecting the tourist town of Geiranger with Stryn and Lom. You will easily identify the side-road that climbs Dalsnibba about 20 kilometer from Geiranger.
Route description:
This is a self-serve toll road. Visa and Master card are accepted, normally also Norwegian 100 and 200 kroner bills. The charge in 2017 was NOK 130. Once beyond the toll gate, follow the wide and excellent paved road to the summit. The summit serves as a parking area. In the tourist season there is a souvenir shop at the summit. The summit cliffs have been extended by a viewing platform that has a considerable vertical drop below.
I was on my way to Geiranger and realized that I never had visited this famous viewpoint overlooking the Geiranger fjord. I arrived by car at the summit at 1900. I walked around and took some pictures. The road down to Geiranger is directly below. It was getting late, but a few more cars arrived while I was there. After 15 minutes I continued to Geiranger, stopping for some pictures along the way. One may have a good look back up at Dalsnibba, as well as across the fjord to Geitfjellet. My long drive from Bergen ended when driving up to the Hwy. pass on top of Ørneveien. The next day, my intention is to climb Geitfjellet.