• Giilavárri
  • 1163 m
  • Primary factor 185 meter
  • Location: North 69.62289, East 020.58169 (GPS at the summit)
  • Vaksdal, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed March 29. 2019.


How to get there:
The starting point is Olderdalen. One may drive E-6 north from Nordkjosbotn, Olderdalen is on the north side of the small fjord Kåfjorden. One may also reach this place by ferry across from Lyngseidet.
Route description:
Locate the start of a lighted skitrack just beyond the houses in the direction of the mountain. Take this track going left, initially following the base of the mountain. In the (skiing) season, you will almost surely find tracks that ascend the slope picking its way between the birch trees as well as smaller cliffs. Higher up, the route will pass by a bench and a cairn before proceeding up the valley. Next, climb out of the valley, as you ascend along the pretty gentle slope that climbs the flank on your right, in order to access the pretty broad ridge that will connect all the way to the summit.
I skied to the summit together with Ivar Marthinusen from Trondheim. We were attending the (annual) national meet of the DNT mountaineering groups at Solhov in Lyngseidet. This was an organized trip with about 14 participants. Being a pretty large group, our progress up the mountain was, unfortunately, very slow. The trip leaders also called for a lunch break, despite the forecast calling for worse weather later in the day. For such a short trip as this, fewer stops and possibly dividing the group into two, would have been desireable. As it turned out the group needed to turn around about 700 meter short of the summit. This decision was absolutely correct, given the time and the weather.
At this point, it was agreed that Ivar and I would leave the group in order to bag the mountain. We proceeded, at a higher pace uphill and into very poor visibility. Searching for the summit, we stopped next to a big boulder to prepare our skis for the return run. Fortunately, a brief clearing showed us the small summit ridge just a few meter ahead. Thus, we visited the small cairn and the proper summit before skiing downhill.
The wind now increased dramatically, with storm gusts and our initial descent was slow due to a complete whiteout. The conditions improved as we got lower and we enjoyed some good skiing before the final descent among the trees. We were back down by the ferry with more than 30 minutes of margin.