• Gresfjellet
  • 1412 m
  • Prominence 762 m
  • Nordland, Norway
  • Location: North 66.10607, East 014.41191 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed April 30. 2021


How to get there:
Drive E-12 from Mo i Rana towards Sweden. The best place to start is about 1 kilometer into Sweden. In the spring of 2021 one could not visit Sweden (Corona pandemic) and I parked about 1 kilometer before the border. My parking was at location N66.14223, E014.58820, elevation about 535m.
Route description:
Ski towards location 66.11, 14.55 at the other side of the lake. This is slightly left of the distinct valley (with a creek) that you may see. Ascend the gentle hillside more or less directly north. This is towards the lower slopes of Gresfjellet. Near point 748m, (this is close to the Gresfjellet slope), find a nice slope that you can descend slightly, in order to traverse south to reach a broad, obvious ramp. Beware of avalanche danger from the big cornices above you. Note the name - Skavlen (cornice). A safe route here will loose a bit more elevation in order to keep a good distance from the avalanche slope.
Continue up the wide, nice ramp to acccess the east end of Gresfjellet. From here, ascend west, as you traverse the slope. If you ascend too much north, you will climb the "false" 1140 summit. Pass the small lake at 995m, then more north west towards the slightly steeper upper part. Do an ascending traverse west (that is from right to left) aiming for about the 1300 meter level. This will get you nicely into the last col between the two summits. Finally, ascend the peak on its west (left) side.
Since we had, quite exceptionally, restrictions on crossing the border to Sweden, I parked about one kilometer on the Norwegian side. To ski a few kilometers across some Swedish lake would not matter wrt. the Corona pandemic.
I was staying at the DNT hut, Reinfjellhytta, located near E-12, and therefore ready to ski already at 0745. I skied across to the natural saddle crossing to lake Gresvatnet. However, the descent to the lake was slightly cumbersome, due to vegetation and somewhat unfirendly terrain for skiing. My recommended route (above) therefore avoids this descent altogether. Ascending from the lake was very nice and I soon got to the top of the ramp. Here, I skied into a complete white-out. Mainly thinking that uphill would be right, I had completely missed to notice the "false" 1140 summit and ascended much to high before understanding my mistake. I got myself back down and then had better visibility until near the final col. Unfortunately, another snow shower arrived and took all visibility away from the summit. I was there at 1215.
Descending was slow due to the white-out conditions. This improved as I got lower, approaching the large ramp. Instead of descending back to the lake, I now crossed the slope to access the ridge running north of lake Gresvatnet. From here, skiing back down to the lake was easy. I was back at my car by 1530 for a total trip time of 7:45.