• Gråhøa
  • 1493 m
  • Primary factor 600 m
  • Location: North 62.54148, East 009.28019 (GPS on the summit)
  • Climbed November 2, 2013
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2


How to get there:
This mountain is located near Oppdal in Sørtrøndalag. Locate the intersection between E-6 and Hwy. 70 in the center of Oppdal. Measure from here. Drive west on Hwy. 70, at kilometer 19.5 take a small sideroad sharply left. The sign says Vikasætra. At kilometer 21.5, turn right. Then at kilometer 23.1, keep right. Contine on this good dirt road to kilometer 27.4, there is a large area where you may park on the left hand side. This location is N62.57385, E009.28301, elevation about 590 meter.
Route description:
Walk uphill just left of the red building. Locate a forest road that goes uphill. Follow this road, higher up, where it forks, go right and cross the creek. Follow this road until it levels off and goes downhill. Leave the road and head directly uphill. The terrain is easy, you cross the tree-line and continue uphill. Higher up, stay right of what looks like the highest point at the horizon. You will then locate the upper part of Gråhøa. It is at the far end of a pretty nice ridge. Head up at your end of this ridge, slightly steeper, then follow a fairly broad and very nice ridge to the highest point. This route is also good for skiing if the road to this trailhead is open.
Trip Report / Comments:
I came from my mountain cabin near Lillehammer and arrived at the trailhead slightly after 2000. I had a half chicken for dinner, then slept well in my car. Waking up at 0630, I had breakfast and got ready to hike. Leaving at 0725, I had a very pleasant walk uphill, arriving at 0925, after a slight detour visiting the false summit that can be seen from below. From here, it was easy to see where I should have been. The weather was quite good and after photography, I left at 0935. Taking a more direct route, I was back at the car by 1050.
The weather kept getting better and since it was still early, I decided to also attempt S. Knutshøa.