Store Flåtten

  • Store Flåtten
  • 1616 m
  • Primary factor 466 m
  • Hardangervidda, Norway
  • Location: North 60:24.785, East 006:51.562
  • Climbed on skis in April 1988


How to get there: This mountain is in the very western part of Hardangervidda. It is located quite close the Hardangerfjord near the area Bulandet and not to far from Kinnsarvik.
Route description: First, we skied from the place called Garden at Hwy. 7, just above the Vøringsfossen area to the Busete cabins, located above Busetevatnet (883m). The next day, we skied from the Buseter area to the summit, then back down to Bulandet at the Hardangerfjord. The climb is quite easy from the north-west, however the mountain form a quite steep horseshoe shaped ridge around a basin facing south-east. We skied down a gully just east of Bunuten (1010 m), ok in the spring, but any descent to the fjord could have considerable avalanche danger earlier in the winter.
Comments: I did this climb with my friend Ivar. Tor Bu also made the trip, but he skied independently on the second day. From this area one can ski (as we did) more or less directly down to the Hardangerfjord. A steep one mile vertical descent.