The Major Mountains of NORWAY

Norway's Major Mountains are defined as mountains with primary factor (or prominence) of at least 600 meter. There are close to 600 such mountains. 5 peaks are located on the border to Sweden.
Only peaks related to the Norwegian main land are listed here, the Arctic and Antarctic peaks are listed under Svalbard.
(Norway has more than 13000 mountains with prominence of at least 100m.)

These mountains are "perfect" hiking/climbing goals. The view from their summits is always breathtaking. The lists below can be used to "collect summits", go after the "Finest" in the county (Fylke) where you live, or expand your hiking to a larger part of Norway.
The primary factor (prominence) of a mountain is the minimal vertical drop from its summit before one can ascend a higher peak.

The lists broken down per County (Fylke) are complete down to 600 meter.

Go see the Major Mountains by County (Fylke):

            Akershus 0                 Buskerud 4                 Finnmark 17
            Hedmark 12               Hordaland 15              Møre og Romsdal 112
            Nordland 172             Nord-Trøndelag 13     Oppland 31
            Oslo 0                         Rogaland 7                 Sogn og Fjordane 41
            Sør-Trøndelag 15       Telemark 10               Troms 142
            Vest-Agder 0              Vestfold 0                   Øst-Agder 0
            Østfold 0

You may access all Major peaks in Norway via a Google Map interface.

Here are a lists of the 100 most prominent peaks in Southern Norway, Northern Norway, and all of Norway.

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Access the full list (602 peaks).

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