• Storsylen
  • 1762 m
  • Primary factor 647 m
  • Location: TBD
  • Saddle: In Ekorrdørren, SE of the summit.
  • In Norway, but very close to Sweden.
  • Highest in Sylene
  • Location: North 63:01.217, East 12:11.939
  • Climbed October 15, 1972.


How to get there: This mountain can certainly be approached from the Norwegian side, however, we came from the Swedish side. One can drive south from the small community Handøla, on the west (right) side of the river Handøla. The hike from this road to the Swedish tourist hut Sylstationen. A bit longer approach would be to start at Storlien and walk by Blåhamerstugen to Sylstasjonen.
Route description: From Sylstationen climb steepely to attain the ridge connecting Storsylen with the smaller Lillsylen. Then follow the ridge passing the Norwegian-Swedish border at the Cairn marked 155B, the summit is found shortly thereafter.
Comments: We drove up along Handøla on the east side expecting to cross on a bridge that the map clearly showed. However, the bridge had been destroyed and we had a very cold crossing of a very serious river, not recommended.
We did the climb in October with quite a considerable amount of snow and ice. In fact, since we did not have an ice axe, we carried the axe used for cutting firewood at Sylstationen. It was used to cut some steps in the glaciated, steep ridge near the border cairn 155B. The summit was completely in a dense cloud and we saw nothing, but had a warm soup prepared at the summit. I did this climb with my friends Jostein, Ivar and Ole.