• Malmangersnuten
  • 890 m.
  • Primary factor 247 m.
  • Rosendal, Norway
  • Location: North 59.97606, East 006.03840 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 1 (winter: class 2)
  • Climbed April 14. 2013.


How to get there:
From Bergen, take E-16 to Trengereid, then Hwy. 7 towards Tysse, followed by Hwy. 48 all the way to the ferry at Gjermundshavn. This ferry will take you across to Årsnes. Continue south along the fjord to the charming village of Rosendal. After crossing the river you will notice Rosendal Fjordhotel on your right hand side. Location N59.98148, E006.01095, elevation about 2 meter.
Route description:
Cross the main Hwy. from the hotel, go slightly left and locate a path (between two fences) that heads uphill. There is a wooden sign for the mountain once you have walked about 20 meter. Near some houses, this trail bends right (signed) and runs through a couple of gates. Continue straight ahead as a road intersects. The route runs in the same direction towards the main west ridge of the mountain. You will then notice that the trail leaves the small road you are on, going left through another small gate. There are wooden signs here.
The trail now continues more steeply uphill with some bends here and there in the sprouce forest. Higher up, there is a short side trail with the sign "Utsikt" (Viewpoint), while the main trail cuts more left (uphill) at this point. After a short level area, the route now climbs the last bump on the ridge, somewhat on the left side. This is the steepest section, but it is well marked and there is a trail all the way up as you now cross through the highest part of the trees and then emerge out into more open mountain landscape. The view back down to Rosendal is very nice. The ridge is followed a little more, then the route traverses more left and gains the last bit of elevation before arriving at the summit with a big cairn.
A major storm was (correctly) forecasted for this Sunday. My plan was to dedicate the day to inside - office work. However, noticing that the storm should hit around 0900 and that a rather significant mountain, Malmangersnuten was directly outside my hotel, I decided to do an early morning hike and return to the hotel for breakfast.
I left the hotel at 0530, this was more or less first daylight. The hike was nice, a dry trail until facing the last and steepest section. Here it was icy. I put on crampons, one would be able to negotiate this peak without, but it is still much better to walk without any concerns for sliding. There were footprints from a previous party, also using crampons. I arrived at the summit by 0705, so 1:35 up. The view was still good, but the sky out west, above Ulvanosa, looked omnious, dark and threatening. I signed the summit register, a party had been here as recently as yesterday. Obviously, this is a popular hiking destination.
Soon, I noticed that the wind part of the storm had started to arrive. It picked up quickly and made it difficult to stand upright. Time to leave! I started down at 0720. The return hike was uneventful, I got out of the wind pretty high up, then decended to the road and my hotel, arriving at 0835, so 1:15 down.
As I crossed the hotel parking lot, the first raindrops could be felt - good timing, nice climb!


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