• Tromsdalstind
  • 1237 m.
  • Primary factor: 1169 m.
  • In the city of Tromsø, Norway
  • Location: North 69:36.429, East 19:08.749
  • Climbed in June 1988.


How to get there: The mountain is clearly visible from the center of Tromsø. One must cross the main bridge and hike in the obvious valley that has a gondola lift on the right (south) side, while the mountain dominates the left side of the valley.
Route description: We hiked a few kilometers in the valley (Tromsdalen) until near the end of the road, then descended left from the road and crossed the creek (at the very bottom of the valley). We proceeded up the slope on the north side and reached the north-west ridge. The rest of the route follows this ridge to the summit.
Comments: This hike was done in the first week of June. There was still quite a lot of snow in Tromsdalen and on the lower part of the mountain. The ridge was wind blown and had only patches of snow.
I led a very international group, in fact about 22 people from 12 different nations made the summit. The hike started with an organ concert in the Arctic Cathedral ending around 2300. We went directly from the church and made the summit around 0300 in beautiful sunshine. The view north towards Lyngsalpene was spectacular. The whole group returned safely across the bridge and to the main conference hotel in the early morning hours.