• Hausdalshorga
  • 784 m
  • Primary factor 116 m
  • Saddle: north of the mountain to Austlirinden (808m), the saddle is in the interval (665-670).
  • Part of Gulfjellet, Bergen.
  • Location: North 60:20.799, East 005:32.044
  • Climbed January 23, 2005.
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2.


How to get there: A good starting point is the trailhead at Osavatn (309m). Take the road with a sign for Bjørndalen (right) from the Hwy. connecting Nestun with Arna.
Route description: A nice round trip (on ski, the same route is possible on foot), is to first hike to Redningshytten (on the normal route to Gulfjellet (987m)). Shortly before Redningshytten, in the pass, start ascending right (south) towards Austlirinden. It is not necessary to ascend this summit, rather contour around on the east side climbing to about 700 m. The terrain is steeper below, go sufficiently high to avoid any steep slope. As Hausdalshorga comes into view, descend along the gentle ridge towards the connecting saddle. The terrain gets steeper (on the sides) as you descend. Most likely, the skiing is not good and one should consider leaving the skis just before arriving to the saddle. Continue across the fairly broad saddle, then ascend the ridge in front of you. This ridge can be quite steep, it may be better to stay on the right (west) side of the top ridge. The terrain broadens and is quite flat the last stretch to the summit. Note that you arrive at the highest point well before reaching the cairn.
Return back across the connecting saddle, but proceed to climb Austlirinden, 808m. The slopes are very gentle. From this summit, descend slightly north of west along the trail marked by big cairns. As you reach about 680 meter, leave the cairns and head directly north towards Osavatn. This ridge is a very popular route, there is a short section that is a bit steeper than the rest, however no problems here in summer or winter. Descend further down and cross the river on a bridge near the Osavatn trailhead.
Comments: I made this hike with my friend Arnt and my son Pål Jørgen. The M711 map states an elevation of 784 m, while the 5 meter contour map states an elevation in the range (775-780). We set the elevation to 779 meter as measured by our own GPS.
We had planned a trip to Gulfjellet, however, below Reningshytten Arnt suggested that we do this peak instead, since Gulfjellet would (he thought) be very windy. Well, the saddle connecting Hausdalshorga to Austlirinden turned out to be more windy than comfortable, ice particles slamming into our face at a measured wind speed of up to 22 m/s (small storm).