• Hoplandsfjellet
  • 261 m
  • Primary factor 124 m
  • Location: Lindås, Norway
  • Location: North 60.62035, East 005.28596 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed May 23, 2015
  • Difficulty YDS class 1


How to get there:
Drive Hwy. 57 north from Knarvik (signs for Mongstad). After the turnoff for Seim, you drive through a tunnel before arriving at a road fork (you now also see a lake (Storavatnet) just below. Turn right, then immediately right again, park on the right hand side. A tunnel runs through the mountain here to Seim (the sign says Seim 1), on the left, a gated, small road runs steeply uphill. Park here at location N60.61682, E005.29739, elevation a bit above 100 meter.
Route description:
Walk up the small (gated) road on the left, take the right branch a bit uphill. Continue up to the saddle, the road curves right. You will observe red and white wooden sticks that mark the route. A bit further onwards, a trail forks left, leaving the road. This is clearly marked. Continue uphill, you should see the trail markers all the way. The trail climbs steeply to the top, then follows the ridge at the edge of the forest, a bit downhill, then you pass an old stone fence (on its right end). The trail now runs more in the forest, but the wooden sticks are eay to follow. Finally, you emerge on a local view point, quite near the summit. The trail now continues downhill. The very highest point is a bit hidden in and among the trees just off the view point. One will locate a trig-point marker only a few meter from the trail. The highest point may be a bit further into the forest, as you explore the ridge moving left (a bit back).
I located the parking with no problems and left at 1055. The trail was very well marked and the summit area was pretty obvious. The uphill hike had taken about 20 minutes. The highest point, however, was well hidden and I needed to push my way through pretty dense vegetation (branches) in order to first locate the trig marker, next what was possibly a slightly higher point a bit further into the forest. I next had a very good hike back down to my car arriving there already at 1135.
The trip continued to Hersnipo.