Cesta, San Marino

  • Cesta, San Marino
  • 755 m
  • Primary factor at least 200 m
  • HP in the republic of San Marino
  • San Marino, west of Rimini, Italy
  • Location: North 43:56.160, East 12:26.933
  • Visited 13. July 2004


How to get there: Drive west from the city of Rimini on the Adriatic coast. There are numerous signs for San Marino, you can not get lost. Park on one of several parking lots. The sooner you park, the more vertical you will have to hike.
Route description: This is the so called 2nd. tower. Ascend the hill from whatever parking area you started from. There are two prominent towers, the higher one being to the right (south) when looking towards the Adriatic Sea.
Comments: This visit took place in transit from climbing mountains east of Rome to new adventures in the Dolomites.
San Marino is a small republic of only 60 square kilometers. It is completely inside Italy. Citizenship is inherited by the male line, there are laws about minimum age for employing female help in the house (50 years!) in order to limit loss of wealth to non San Marinos. The republic has been independent with its own elected heads of state, essentially for 1700 years.