• Agathias
  • 2424 m
  • Primary factor 103 m (soft ranking).
  • South-East of Timios Stavros, the island of Crete.
  • Location: North 35:13.202, East 024:46.995 (GPS on the summit)
  • Saddle: North 35:13.419, East 024:46.871, elevation 2321 meter.
  • Climbed September 14. 2006
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1 (from the saddle).


How to get there: See the description of Timios Stavros.
Route description: See the description of Timios Stavros.
Comments: My GPS measured the nearby key saddle to 2311 meter, the summit to 2414 meter. The map (that I found after this hike) says that the key saddle is between contours 2320 and 2340, with the summit at 2424 meter. That is a prominence no larger than 104 meter. Thus, this mountain is "soft ranked", and I use the 103 meter obtained by local measurements.
There are additional comments under the report on Timios Stavros.