• Åvasstinden
  • 1233 m.
  • Primary factor 695 m.
  • Location: Sunnmøre, Norway
  • Location: North 62.27670, East 006.22483 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed on July 4. 2017.


How to get there:
A good point of reference is the small town of Ørsta at Sunnmøre. Continue the main Hwy. E-39 north along the fjord. The fjord bends north-east and you will pass the small place called Vartdal. The next place of any ignificance is Nordre Vartdal, cross the river, then turn right and head up the valley that ends here. The paved road ends after a while and a dirt road continues straight ahead. This is a self serve toll road (NOK 30 in 2017). Drive through a couple of gates that must be closed if closed. You will arrive at a parking area (fenced in) at Vartdalsætra with several cabins nearby. Park here, location N62.29954, E006.22462, elevation about 410 meter.
Route description:
Walk by the first cabin, turn right and take the path that heads slightly downhill, across the creek on a small bridge (near a tiny lake), then next to the cabin that is a bit isolated there. A trail continues, partially marked by wooden sticks painted red near the top. However, this trail seems to run out. This is no real problem, head in the direction of Store Kuven, 868 meter, this is slightly east of going south. You will soon run into a very clear trail that heads towards the small valley separating Store Kuven from Litle Kuven, 768 meter. Follow this trail as it climbs up into this valley. The trail runs close to the creek, but on its left (east) side. Continue up the valley, then up to the col (a bit more tham 800 meter) that separates Store Kuven from point 968 (meter), Continue an easy ascendfing traverse, going slightly west of south, in order to reach the base of the north-east ridge of Åvasstinden. Once you have reached the main ridge, a very clear trail will guide you all the way to the summit. The route stays on or near the main ridge all the way. Just before the summit, as the ridge becomes more jagged, the trail descends very slightly (left) in order to bypass the problems, then immediately ascends a small gully in order to top out only a couple of meter from the summit point which is up left.
After staying one night with my friend Arnt, I arrived at this trailhead by 0925. Leaving at 0935, the weather was reasonable and the terrain easy to walk. The top of the valley between Store Kupen and Vetle Kupen by 1030, then a leisurely walk up the ridge getting to the summit by 1155. The only slight complication was a steepish bank of snow blocking the trail just in the very final section where it bypasses somewhat complex terrain on the ridge. I did not want to put on crampons, but a short scramble up, around and then back down the snow, staying right next to it, got me back on the path. Leaving at 1210, the walk back to my car was equally pleasant, arriving there at 1350.