• Blåfjellet
  • 1067 m
  • Primary factor 629 m
  • Location: North 61:32.257, East 005:55.250 (GPS at the summit).
  • Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 2
  • Climbed on November 13. 2010


How to get there:
A good place of reference is the village Førde along E-39 north of Sognefjorden. Locate the traffic circle where Hwy. E-5 runs west to Florø and measure from here.
First, drive along E-5 for 11.3 kilometer. You are now in Naustdal, just about to cross a bridge. Continue to kilometer 12.8 and look for the first possible right turn, this is just before a long tunnel on E-5. Do not enter this tunnel!, but turn right. At kilometer 15.0, turn right and cross a bridge. There is a sign here saying "Åsedalen 5". Go straight at kilometer 15.3, then at kilometer 19.3, fork left, the sign says "2.8 Kleppstølen". At kilometer 22.0 there is a small turnout where a few cars can park. This is the trailhead, location N61:32.159, E005:51.254, elevation about 410 meter.
Route description:
The trail, actually a summer road to the mountain farm huts higher up, starts out uphill, then right, passing a gate before turning uphill again. Follow this road almost to the col, then right as it serves the Åsestølane farm huts. Continue up the small valley to two huts (Grimsetestølen) located at N61:32.793, E005:52.815, elevation about 610 meter. There is a road to these huts as well, but it runs on the left side of the creek. Continue in the small valley, then up to the next level. From there, turn right and gain a higher level just below the final part of the mountain. Go north to a small lake, then ascend on a traverse left that gains the north ridge. From here, zig-zag up to gain the summit area, then proceed towards the highest point which is clearly visible.
The first ski trip this season. I carried the skis up the first hill, from there skiing was pretty good. The terrain is a bit rocky with small cliffs, so routefinding is important. I left the car at 0820 (I slept at Rica hotel in Førde the previous night.) The summit, was reached at 1045. I signed the register and noted that the previous visit was back in early October. Leaving at 1055, I was back down by the car at 1220.