Mount Elbert

  • Mount Elbert
  • 4399 m
  • Primary factor 2772 m
  • Highest in Colorado
  • Climbed July 1997.


How to get there: The nearby city of Leadville, highest in the US, is a natural starting point. From there one drives to the trailhead in the valley between Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive.
Route description: The trail ascends through forest across a shoulder and descends slightly before a fork in the trail. Take the right fork which soon climbs out above treeline. From this point the trail continues in a couple of switchbacks leading up to the final summit trail and the summit itself. The trail is well marked and an easy walk all the way.
Comments: Mt. Elbert was the first 4000m I climbed together with both my boys aged 8 and 15. We climbed through a layer of clouds and into lighter weather. The full climb took about 5 hours round trip from trailhead to summit.