Las Cumbres

  • Las Cumbres
  • 950 m
  • Primary factor 670 m
  • Location: North 11.99982, West 86.29658
  • Location: Nicaragua.
  • Climbed March 10. 2022.
  • Difficulty YDS class 1


How to get there:
Hwy. 1 crosses this hill just south-west of Managua.
Route description:
A quick summary of the peaks climbed in Central America.
Turn off the highway near its highest point. There is a small forest of antennas scattered in the neighborhood. A smaller road heads north-east. Park and investigate, the terrain seems higher on the north side of the road. There are fenced in antennas and generally some minor access issues. It is hard to determine the highest point, but given the nature of this top, one should not spend too much time.
I drove across here the day before on my way to San Cristobal. It seemed pretty likely that this hill is a P600, thus I decided to make a stop and investigate the summit area on my return trip. I visited 3-4 locations that all seemed pretty equal in elevation.