• Lugnaquillia
  • 925 m
  • Primary factor 838 m
  • Highest in the Wicklow Mountains
  • Near the Monastary of Glendalough, Ireland
  • Location: North 52:58, West 6:28
  • Climbed July 25., 1991.


How to get there: The mountain is in the district of Wicklow about 60 km south of Dublin. The nearest town is Glendalough.
Route description: My memory of this hike is not very clear. We did not find a trail, there were few trees and some local fields of rocks. We hiked a different route up and down. It was an easy hike.
Comments: The name originates from "Log na Coille" = "hollow of the cocks".
I did this hike with a (small) group of international friends, Rob Schreiber from California, Elizabeth Jessup from Colorado and David Keyes from Virginia. We hiked passing a sign reading "Poissoned Valley", but continued to climb the high point ahead. Our rental car for the day turned out to be more expensive than to hire a taxi with driver for a full day.