Store Ishaug

  • Store Ishaug
  • 1485 m
  • Primary factor 406 meter
  • Location: North 60.46757, East 007.20131 (GPS at the summit)
  • V¶oslash;ringsfossen, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed April 1. 2014.


How to get there: Drive Hwy. 7 from Bergen, via Eidfjord to Hardangervidda. As you exit the last tunnel on the steep climb from Eidfjord, make a left on the raod signed for Fossli and Vøringsfossen. Drive this road 2 kilometer, you will then arrive at a parking area signed for "day time parking only". This is the end of the road in winter (2014). The location is N60.43253, E007.27191, elevation about 820 meter.
Route description:
Ski north-west and quickly locate the small top called Vetle Ishaug, 1303m. Pick a route that enters the small valley between Vetle Ishaug and Store Ishaug, ski on the left hand side. Continue directly towards Store Ishaug, quite high, the best route is to climb right, then turn left and gain the summit area. There is a large cairn, sort of north-east on the summit aplateau.
I was on my way from Geilo to Øystese and decided to make a stop before descending from Hardngervidda down the famous Måbø valley. I parked and got organized, leaving at 1415. The skiing was nice and problem free, I arrived at the summit by 1605. After 10 minutes, I started skiing back down. Unfortunately, the weather just changed from sunny to clouds. This creaated "flat light" and corresponding difficulties in seeing the terrain. I was back at my car at 1705.