West of Medetsiz Tepe

  • West of Medetsiz Tepe
  • 3431 m
  • Primary factor 157 m
  • Turkey
  • Location: North 37.39748, East 034.59601 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed July 19. 2016.


How to get there:
This summit is about 60 kilometer north of Mersin, a town at the very eastern part of the Turkish coast. Access is from the north. First locate Hwy. D750 running east-west north of the peak. The starting point is a road going south from D750 at location N37.52053, E34.57964, there are (different) signs for Darbogaz and Gumus here. This road is located 5.6 kilometer east from the main intersection (where D805 heads north from D750) in the town of Bayagil. Measure from here (km 0.0).
At kilometer 1.2, go left, there is a sign saying Gumus 5. At kilometer 5.4, you enter Gumus, then immediately, keep right. Drive uphill, then at kilometer 8.7, sharp left, more uphill. The road climbs steadily, at kilometer 12.6, turn right onto a good quality dirt road. This road climbs a ridge and continues on the very top of the ridge towards an unfinished building (now looks like a ruin), shortly before you may drive left or right around a small hill. This building is at kilometer 18.7. Leave the dirt road here, going left around the corner of the building, descend to a small valley basin and drive to the far end. You are now at the end of a road, kilometer 19.7. This is the trailhead, location N37.41388, E034.56551, elevation about 2360 meter.
It looks like the dirt road actually climbs to near a lake west of the route, this may be an alternative trailhead, somewhat higher, but overall, most likely not much better than the trailhead described.
Route description:
This mountain is located very close to the normal route to Medetsiz Tepe. (The previous picture shows the first col on that route, as seen from the summit.) One can easily visit this top by taking only 10 extra minutes. The distance between the two summits is about 3.1 kilometer.
See my report on Medetsiz Tepe.
See my report on Medetsiz Tepe.