• Gråfjellet
  • 978 m
  • Primary factor 258 m
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60.46383, East 005.85414 (GPS on the summit)
  • Climbed January 15. 2017
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
From Bergen, drive E-16 towards Voss, fork right onto Hwy. 7 in the traffic circle at Trengereid. Continue past the innermost part of the Samanger fjord. A long tunnel will get you to a new traffic circle where Hwy. 48 forks right towards Eikelandsosen. Continue along Hwy. 7, you will immediately get lake Frølandsvatnet on your left side. Immediately, near the end of this lake, the smaller road Hwy. 134, forks left, the sign reads Kvitingen 14. Take this road and follow it to its end, parking area at lake Kvitingen (NOK 40 in 2013). Park here, this location is N60.46320, E005.89441, elevation about 380 meter.
From the parking, follow the old road that heads north into Klungerdalen (valley). That is, do NOT continue the road that leaves the parking and continues east (on the north side of lake Kvitingvatnet).
After about one kilometer, this road crosses the river from the left to the right side. Leave the road just before this crossing, turning sharply left and climb the slightly steep ridge between and among birch trees. Pretty soon, the terrain is a bit more open, as you reach a flat spot where a powerline crosses overhead. Continue again more steeply uphill along the ridge on the left side of the small valley ahead. On top of this ridge, you will leave the last trees behind. Continue uphill while keeping left of the local tops higher up. Finally, head left towards a local summit in order to turn a small cliffband on its upper end. From here, continue about 500 meter to the summit marked with a small cairn.
I made this climb as trip-leader for an outing organized by the Bergen mountaineering group (DNT Fjellsport Bergen). Altogether, we were 16 people starting out from Bergen shortly before 0900. After driving to the trailhead and getting all organized, we were ready to leave by 1000.
The group used different skis, Norwegian mountain skis, Telemark skis and Randonneé skis. The sky was deep blue, the sun was already hitting the mountains above us and the thermometer read -12 Centigrades. The last 2 days had dumped about 40 centimeter of fresh, new powder snow. Thus, everything pointed to this being a perfect day in the mountains.
We skied along the old road, then steeply uphill among the birch trees. Higher up, the route continued gently uphill with perfect conditions.
We arrived at the summit around 1230 after a very nice trip uphill. After about 20 minutes enjoying the very fine view in all directions, we skied down the upper part to find a sunny and sheltered place near a local gully. Here, rest was declared and people enjoyed the sun, their lunch and hot drinks.
A fun descent followed, and by 1400 we were all back down by the trailhead. I had taken my randonneé skis on this trip, so skiing down was pretty nice in the deep, dry powder.
Thanks are due to Fredrik that volunteered as co-tripleader, and to Einar Sleire for taking pictures and writing a nice report (in Norwegian).